Sunday, May 03, 2009

Voting time...

So I guess it is up to one of us to start a vote on the issues that Matt and others have raised so let's go ahead and do this before opening day.

Here are the issues that were laid by Matt and that we should vote on:

1. Injuries - what should we set them to...The options are Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High...I am assuming that they are on Average now, but Zev or Michael will have to confirm that.

2. Should we change the financial cap in this league from $10M...and if so what should the max be?

3. DH through out the minors or keep it as it is?

So that seems to be the issues right now. I say we vote in the comments of this post, but if you want to keep your vote private, you can e-mail Zev and Michael directly.

If there is anything else that is not on this blog bring it up and we can add it to the vote.

1. Keep it (or move it to) Average

2. Increase the cap to $50M

3. DH throughout the minors
I'm actually OK on most of this stuff.

My main concern is regularization of sims. I think we need to get a date-certain on when sims will be run and we need to have some confidence that they'll be done on that day.

I'm not trying to bust any chops here, but it's pretty demoralizing to not really know when the league will be updated. It leads ot a lot of checking that is pointless and frustrating.

I know Zev is busy but with a backup commissioner in place now I think a sim every Wednesday should be an acheivable goal.

I suppose, if I must, that I'll vote on Jeremy's propositions...

1. Leave at 'Average'.

2. Don't care. Leave it where it is. Note: the higher the cash cap the more cash teams can accumulate and the higher the free agency demands will be by the players.

3. Set it at DH, if we can. Let's get some extra at bats in for the prospects.
I vote to leave it all as it is.
Agree with Nate on the sim schedule. More consistency would be good for all.

As for the voting:

1. I'd like to see the settings changed to "Low."

2. I don't think the issue here is as simple as framed by Jeremy. Several people made good arguments against changing the cash cap, and I think I'm persuaded. However, Nate made some very good suggestions as an alternative, like allowing teams to use some of their cash to change park dimensions, add seats, and on "marketing" to improve fan interest. I'm not sure that we'd need to withdraw the cash cap in order to add these options. But this is the sort of compromise I'd support.

3. DH in the minors please.
I'll strongly echo the comments above about keeping the league on track as far as sims and sim schedules go. It's the main reason I supported adding an assistant commissioner.

1. I'll vote to move the injury setting to low. No surprise. But, I won't be irate if it stays at average, either. As I said in the comments recently, I understand the arguments in favor of a higher injury frequency even if I don't agree with them.

2. I vote to keep the cash cap as is, but institute a separate system for putting excess cash to positive uses. But, despite Zev's inclination to defer to other owners, that kind of external financial system would require significant commissioner oversight and time, and so he has to be on board with any such proposal.

3. DH through the minors. It's dumb to waste potential prospect development time by having pitchers hit. Plus, I can never remember which leagues have DHs and which don't, and that means I have to spend twice as much time setting lineups because I have to fix them both with and without DHs.
1. Leave as-is (which is "Average").

2. Abstain. This needs separate discussion, of all of the options (raise/eliminate the cap, allow teams to spend money on stadia, etc.)

3. Yes, DH throughout the minors. The day we discuss having the DH in the majors, though, I'm out of the league.

I propose introducing the Designated Hitter.

Let's see:

1. OK with injuries as is. I think they force more interesting long-term planning. In the long run, the slightly element of randomness introduced by the injury factor is the only real thing that gives any of the mid- to low-market teams a realistic chance at challenging the big boys.

2. Abstain. Doesn't matter much to me.

3. DH throughout the minors. No DH in the majors.
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