Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's "Send The Kids Off To Camp" Week...

... at the Steinhardt household. I probably won't get to the sim until Wednesday night.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

It had to happen sometime

I'm not too surprised this wasn't the game of the sim, but it was still a notable game. No, not because of Juan David's hit streak, but because Junior "Goodnight" Cuomo finally gave up his second earned run of the season, ending a Hershiserian 46-inning consecutive scoreless streak. That night, July 29th, his ERA doubled from 0.18 to 0.36, as he gave up his first run (earned or not) since his initial appearance way back on Opening Day.

Since then, he's on a new and modest 3.2-inning shutout streak. For the season, Cuomo is 5-0, with 21 saves (in 21 opportunities). His ERA now stands at 0.33 (two earned runs over 54 innings pitched). He also has 72 strikeouts against just six walks, with a sterling WHIP of 0.44 and an opposing batting average of .103.

I doubt he'll get considered for the Outstanding Pitcher award this season, but I doubt there's been any pitcher as dominating him in the history of our league.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sim's Done, File Uploaded, Game of the Weeks

The sim's done, league file updated, but I didn't get a chance to update the front page.

Game of the weeks: Covington 6, River Cities 5 on 7/26/2008. This one was a 21 inning affair. It's not everyday that you see linescores such as 1 for 9 (Palacio) and 0 for 8 (Dupree & K. Smith). It's also not everyday that you see relievers go such long distances as Alex Pedroza going 6 innings.

Sim 9: Who uploaded?

River Cities
South Bay

This Week's Sim

I'm sorry, guys, but I've been VERY busy this week. The good news, of course, is that it means that you still have time to make trades. I'll try to have the sim done tonight.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Seattle-Walla Walla Deadline Deal

Today, Seattle and Walla Walla entered into the fourth trade between the two teams this year alone. Seattle, which traded elite closer Pedro Morales just two weeks ago to Danville for 4-star closer Joel Calles, remade its bullpen again, acquiring a pair of 5-star relievers with expiring contracts: Samuel Contreras and Mark Deschamp. Seattle also received prospect infielder Daniel Depalma. Walla Walla received Calles as well as the #30 prospect, infielder Marvin Cardoza.

Contreras will take over closing duties for the Monarchs. He was 3-4 with 18 saves for Walla Walla, featuring a 2.44 ERA and a 56 to 7 strikeout to walk ratio. Contreras had a 1.89 ERA last year.

Deschamp has a 2.45 ERA in 73.1 innings this year and has given up just one home run in the last two years. A righthander, he is expected to share set-up duties with lefty Timothy Vallejo.

Depalma, who had been traded to Walla Walla this offseason as part of the deal for Gene Icenhour, hit .264/.332/.453 in A ball this year as a 20-year-old. He can play both second base and shortstop.

Calles was with the Monarchs for just two weeks. In that span, he pitched in 6 games, giving up six runs (two earned) in 7.1 innings. He had four saves and struck out four. His contract is also expiring at the end of the year.

Cardoza, 24, was ranked among the top ten prospects in baseball when Seattle acquired him from River Cities in a 2006 offseason in a deal involving SP John Okane. He posted a .759 OPS with AA Olympia this year and can play second, shortstop, or third base.

Friday, June 16, 2006

South Bay - Hickory Trade

Hickory continues to unload veterans as the deadline approaches, this afternoon shipping All-Star right-fielder John McNabb to South Bay along with second baseman Charles Novotny. In exchange, the Huskers receive two minor-leaguers: SS Cristobal Santoyo and reliever Bill Dewall, as well as a third-round pick in the upcoming amateur draft.

Reached for comment at an undisclosed location, Huskers GM Norman Dale had little to say. "We made the deal on account of we suck," Dale repeated several times. Hickory has traded away the expiring contracts of two of its most productive veterans in less than 24 hours in an apparent effort to restock the crappiest minors system in baseball. Wait, is this an editorial? Sorry. Ahem. McNabb is hitting .307 with 54 RBI in this, the most successful of his 7 years in the majors, and his first as a full-time player. Novotny, a career minor leaguer until a May callup, is batting .264 this season. Santoyo and Dewall were each regarded as one of the top prospects in the South Bay organization.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Saskatoon - Hickory trade

Saskatoon Press Release

Hoping to keep their faint 2008 pennant hopes alive, the Saskatoon Cossacks acquired SP Jose Delagarza from the Hickory Huskers today in exchange for RP Gerald Mattson, SS/2B Gerald Sukeyasu, and OF Jason Reeve.

Saskatoon will be the third home in a year for the well-traveled Delagarza, whom Hickory acquired from River Cities in the off-season. The durable right-hander, a free agent at the end of 2008, is expected to slot into the #3 spot in Saskatoon's rotation. Rumours that contract negotiations between Delagarza, 34, and Hickory's management had broken down over Delagarza's demand that all other Huskers adopt the "Delagarza Muttonchops" are, as of yet, unconfirmed.

The 24-year-old Reeve had posted stellar numbers in stints at both A and AA-ball this year, hitting above .320 at both stops. A bit of a late bloomer, Reeve was selected in the 7th round of 2005, and had spent three years at A-ball before making his breakout in 2008.

Sukeyasu, 27, hit .239 in 46 AB in three different cups of coffee with the Cossacks. Always a solid singles hitter, Sukeyasu's erratic fielding had kept him from sticking with the big league club. Nevertheless, it's expected he'll bolster Hickory's middle infield, and given the opportunity he may make a name for himself as a serviceable backup.

Over six years in Saskatoon's minor league system, the 29-year-old Mattson was 16-9 with 16 saves.

Good Night, Mr. Mayhew

A former star left the game, almost unnoticed, on July 13. Scott Mayhew posted a career 88-60 mark, with a lifetime 3.49 ERA before suffering a career ending torn rotator cuff while starting for Walla Walla's AAA affiliate.

Mayhew posted a winning record in six of his seven big league seasons, including a 7-6 mark this year before being demoted. An Australian, Scott pitched for three different organizations in his career. His best years were 2004-06, when he went a combined 52-25, with an ERA under 3.00 every year and racking up 684.2 innings and 675 strikeouts. He was pitcher of the month twice and a three-time All-Star. Mayhew is tied for eighth in wins on the all-time leaderboard and sits seventh in strikeouts. He still holds the Danville record with 14 strikeouts in a single game, which he posted on April 10, 2004.

I remember Mayhew fondly because he came in as a free agent and helped my team leap in 2005 to 112 wins and our first appearance in the Cecil Cup. Scott also was a key member of the Monarchs team that returned (albeit also unsuccessfully) to the Cecil Cup in 2006. In fact, the only two years I've played in the Cecil Cup were the two years where he was an indispensable part of the rotation. Even more remarkably, he was for whatever reason able to post prolific numbers in the rotation despite what appeared to be fairly low ratings. I always liked that.

So, farewell to Mr. Mayhew. May he find success in his future endeavors. If he'd like to join a major league coaching organization, I'd be happy to find a place for him teaching young pitchers in the Seattle organization how to thrive.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Unsubstantiated allegations.

Paul Shunk is 20? I'll believe that when he stops hitting .370. Let's see that birth certificate, Paulie.

Someone desparately needs to give Roberto Casarez back his HGH. Though judging from those fielding ratings, his stash is probably out in right field somewhere, and he just can't track it down.

Adams leaguers batters should be ashamed this week

Fransisco is player of the week? Damn that's pathetic he wasn't even good enough to make my roster at the beginning of this year.

By the way I realized today that my spam filter had decided to throw all OOTP messages into the spam folder, so I apologize for not responding at all to earlier messages this year, hopefully I reset it so I will see the trade offers and talk.

Trading Deadline

Just a reminder that the trading deadline for the season is in the upcoming sim. So, make sure to get those last-minute deals to me.

Milestones reached

Several milestones were reached during this sim.

As of the last sim, there were two pitchers with 99 career wins. Both pitchers reached the century mark during the last two weeks. Seattle's Albert Garcia was the first to reach this milestone on July 2 with a 3-2 win over the Brooklyn Wolves.

The second pitcher to reach this mark is Steve Jurgens. Jurgens, at the season's outset, looked to be a lock to be the first pitcher to reach 100 wins. However, he has struggled with Houston this year, producing a 3-6 record. However, that third win, a 5-2 victory over Hickory on July 19, was enough to allow him to become the second 100-win pitcher.

Who will be the next to reach the 100-win mark? Both Brooklyn's Bill Siple and Saskatoon's Richard Pimental are tied with 97 wins. And Scorpiion Wendell Sorg and Monarch Joe Daye are right behind them with 94 wins each.

Brooklyn's Samuel Alfano, the all time leader in saves, has become the first pitcher to record 200 saves in his career on July 18.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sim 8: Who Uploaded?

River Cities
South Bay
Walla Walla

No sim last night... we'll try for tonight

My apologies, but I didn't get to the sim last night. I'll try again tonight.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blockbuster Trade Between Seattle and Danville

Seattle and Danville swapped closers and some of the most prominent prospects in the game today in a big mid-season deal. Seattle sent 5-star elite closer Pedro Morales, young centerfielder Paulino Zamorano, and 4-star first base prospect Jose Guzman to Danville in exchange for 4-star closer Joel Calles, 5-star prospect outfielder Armando Cedeno, and 4.5-star starting pitcher prospect Isidro Frau.

"It's certainly risky to make a move with two significant pieces of our major league roster," said Seattle general manager Mack Shultz, "but we felt that the people we were getting in return were too good to pass up."

Both Calles and Morales are scheduled to be free agents at the end of the season. Morales was 2-0 with 15 saves for Seattle. He boasted a 0.93 ERA, a 29-2 strikeout to walk ratio and had allowed just 19 baserunners in 29 innings. With 43 more days of service, Morales will use up his arbitration time. Calles is having the best season of his career, with 16 saves and a 1.65 ERA. Both closers were elected to the recent All-Star game.

"We don't expect Joel to come in and pitch like Pedro, but we think he'll do a solid job for us in the bullpen and he'll be an asset for our team as we chase the Cecil Cup," explained Shultz.

Zamorano had been Seattle's fourth outfielder this year, but had put up the best numbers of any of the outfielders at .312/.354/.558. He slugged 11 home runs in just 154 at bats, including six four-baggers in June. He will likely step into Danville's starting line-up and will be have one more year of arbitration before hitting free agency.

"Paulie's a great player who just hasn't had the chance to play on an every day basis. He clearly deserves it and we're happy to see he'll get that opportunity in Danville," said Shultz. "We're calling up Lonnie Machen to take his place as our fourth outfielder. Lonnie's been killing the ball in AAA and it's time we see what he can do on the big stage."

Guzman may be the premiere power-hitting prospect in baseball. He has clubbed 33 home runs so far this season, most in the minors, to go with 90 RBI and a .654 slugging percentage. He had been Seattle's first round pick in 2006 and is rated the #17 prospect in baseball by Baseball America.

"Guzman is a wonderful prospect, but we've got the reigning MVP in Gregory Mudge and we plan to do what it takes to resign him," said Shultz. "Greg is going to be manning first base for us for a long time."

In addition to Calles, Seattle acquired two of Danville's leading prospects. In the off-season trade featuring Waylon Blassingame and Roberto Olivas, Seattle and Danville had exchanged their first round picks in this year's draft. With what had been Seattle's pick, Danville chose left fielder Cedeno. He now moves to Seattle. A mere 17 years old, "Rimfire" Cedeno has posted an .858 OPS in AA, including a .404 OBP and 11 home runs. He is rated as the game's #9 prospect.

"We think that in addition to his already terrific batting eye, Armando will become a home run threat as he adds muscle mass. We think he could be one of the truly dominant players," said Shultz, adding that Cedeno will go to AA Olympia. There, he'll join the player selected by Seattle with Danville's pick, Eugene Alustiza, who was recently called up.

Frau had started 19 games in AA for Danville, going 8-5 with a 3.78 ERA and 127 strikeouts in 121.1 innings. He had been a first round pick in 2006, going three picks before Guzman. He is rated the #15 prospect by Baseball America.

"We're going to send Frau to AAA Tacoma. Our rotation is starting to show its age a bit and we don't have a lot of starters in the high minors ready to step in if we need one," explained Shultz. "We expect big things from Izzie."

"It's a big chance for the Monarchs to take," said a knowledgeable source inside baseball. "They've been on a roll the last four weeks or so and they're upsetting their fragile chemistry. Calles is a fine closer, but Morales was one of the things that made their team special and this could come back to haunt them. If not now, then in the Cecil Cup. It's all well and good to plan for the future, but you've got to go for the ring when you have the chance and I'm not sure they're doing that with this move."

Posted by Seattle Times baseball correspondent Max Mercy

Friday, June 09, 2006

New OOTP2006 Patch Out

Yes, folks, just a week or so after release the first patch is now out.

Just a heads up.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sim's done!

Sorry it took so long, but the sim is done.

Next sim on Monday.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Disabled List

I've been giving some thought to the matter that Nate mentioned regarding the disabled list.

Stopping the sim after a particular day is a pain in the neck, especially if more than one team wants the sim stopped at a particular date.

However, I can stop the sim after each week. So, I think an idea that might be workable is to allow teams to move players off the disabled list after each week. This, in effect, makes the 15-day DL into a 21-day DL. Still not ideal, but better than a 4 week wait.

However, I'm going to put some restrictions on this:

1. The only roster moves I'll do after the week are moves relating to taking players off the DL.

2. If you want me to take a player off the DL and put him on the major league roster, you must provide for me an open space on the roster or advise how you want the roster spot cleared.

Comments? Suggestions?


Seattle - Saskatoon Trade

Seattle today shipped rising lefthanded starter Glenn Harvell today to Saskatoon, along with this year's sixth round pick Teddy Ozuna. In return, Seattle acquired Curtis Barksdale, Tony Zavala, and Saskatoon's third round selection in the 2009 draft.

The 27-year-old Harvell had shot up the minor league ranks this year, including a 3-0 record with a 0.90 ERA and a 26:3 strikeout to walk ratio in AAA Tacoma. Ozuna, in A ball at the tender age of 17, is a swingman who may be able to make the conversion to the starting rotation.

Barksdale, 24, is a good relief prospect who has posted a 3.76 ERA in AAA with 30 strikeouts in 26.1 innings. Zavala, 20, was picked in the second round by Saskatoon in 2007 but has struggled this year in A ball.

"I frankly don't know if this was a good trade for us or not," said General Manager Mack Shultz. "Harvell has had a big year, and our scouts agree that he's improved. He may not have reached his ceiling yet and, if he does, he may become a pretty good starter up there in Saska-wherever-the-hell-it-is. I'm afraid this one may come back to haunt us."

"I'm just glad to go somewhere that I might be able to join the major league team," said Harvell. "I mean, that Seattle rotation is so overwhelmingly good, I don't know how I'd ever get a shot. Besides, I heard that Saskatoon is the Paris of the Prairies. That's got to be good, right?" Harvell did take at least one shot against his former organization, stating "Hopefully, I can slide into the #5 slot for Saskatoon and stick it up Seattle's &^% every time I face them.""

Barksdale also sounded upbeat about the move. "I was born and raised in the good ol' USA and it will be good to get back to a country with money that's not named after mental patients."

Ozuna and Zavala could not be reached for comment because they just weren't important enough for this reporter to try.

Posted by Seattle Times senior baseball correspondent Max Mercy

Sorry, no sim... waiting for a roster assignment

I'm still waiting for a necessary roster assignment from one owner. As soon as I have it, I'll run the sim.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sim 7: Who uploaded?

South Bay
River Cities
New York

Comeback Player of the Year award?

This occurred to me today, while perusing the updated awards page (thanks, Mack!): why don't we have a Comeback Player of the Year award? I know the game's mechanics don't support such an option, but I don't see any reason why we couldn't just institute one ourselves.

I was thinking something along the following lines: each owner would nominate one player from their squad at the end of the year to be considered for the award. We would then hold a vote. It could be a simple "pick the most deserving player"-type ballot, or it could mirror MLB's Rookie of the Year ballot where points are portioned out, I believe, on a 5-3-1 basis.

Of course, you couldn't vote for your own player. And I was also thinking that only owners who nominate a player would be able to vote, which should encourage participation.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Glaring obstacles that I haven't noticed?

-Trevor (Saskatoon)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Thank You, Mack!

Mack has been kind enough to update the Award Histories page to bring it up to June 2008. Thank you, Mack.

If anyone else wants to create any pages for the league site, please feel free to do so, send them to me, and I'll put them up. It doesn't have to be fancy... most of my pages are simple HTML table pages.


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