Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Put down the glove and pick up the bat, son...

Micheal Salzman has been defensively-minded over the past week. No, wait, that's an understatement.

His last hit was a three-run homer in the first inning of a 7-4 loss to River Cities...and that was a week ago. After that hit, he's gone 0-for-TWENTY, striking out seven times and walking once.

On the other side of the plate, he didn't make a single error over the course of those games, and participated in no fewer than seven double plays.

By request.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Intra-Divisional Trade in Adams League

SEATTLE (AP): July 22, 2009.

Seattle and Saskatoon made a minor deal today. Saskatoon traded outfielder John Sadao to Seattle in exchange for reliever William Maxson and minor league outfielder Timothy Tapscott.

"It's nice to bring John back to Seattle," said assistant GM Eric Lent when announcing the trade. "He was a part of this franchise from its inception until he left for Saskatoon before the start of last year. He's going to fit in well for us as a left-handed pinch hitter and reserve outfielder."

Sadao, contacted by telephone, expressed mixed feelings about his return. "You always want to play every day, and I think I've still got a lot left in the tank, but it's nice to go back to Seattle too. I'll be in a pennant race and the fans there always treated me well."

"Although he pitched well in his call-up earlier this season, we just didn't see a place for Maxson in our bullpen in the foreseeable future. With Contreras, Deschamp, Vallejo, and Sewell out there for at least one more year, we're pretty well covered," explained Lent. "We hope he and Tim get the opportunity in Saskatoon that they may not have gotten here."

After the press conference, a source inside Seattle's front office confided that he thinks that GM Mack Shultz has a serious problem, that he can't help making trades, and that Shultz ought to seek help.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sim 8: Who uploaded?

South Bay
River Cities

New Blogger: The Day Has Come

I tried to push it off as long as I could, but Blogger has finally forced me to upgrade the blog to the New Blogger. You will be unable to publish to the blog from your old account. From what I understand, Google should automatically send you an email about how to upgrade your account. If, for whatever reason, you still can't post after you upgrade, send me an email and I'll issue a new invite for you for the blog.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Mid-Season MVPs

I thought it might be interesting to see who people think the mid-season MVP and Cy Young award winners are.

In the Adams League, I think both awards are virtually locked up by the performances of Miguel Cuesta and Demarcus Ramirez.

One of the awards was obvious in the Zotti League, although Sherman Wheeler's recent injury opens the Cy Young voting up a bit. As for the MVP in the Zotti League, that seems to be a pretty close race among a number of contenders. Right now, I'd have to vote for John Redman although I think his lack of home runs and RBIs will keep him from getting the computer's award. Other leading contenders would be the fairly one-dimensional Hank Diemer, former Monarch Paulino Zamorano, Patrick "Mr. Outside" Valdez (what the heck does that nickname mean anyway?), and the star shortstops, Ricky Peppers and Sabertooth Hukill.

What do the rest of you think?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sim 7: Who Uploaded?

South Bay
River Cities
New York
Walla Walla

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tap tap. Tap-tap-tap.

Is this thing on?

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