Sunday, August 31, 2008

Coaches: Day 4 Tuesday night

Sorry for the delay in getting day 3 done.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Historical Standings

Published at one owner's request, with some extra info.

SEA: 1130-652 0.634 (7 league titles, 3 Cecil Cups)
LA: 1061-721 0.595 (5 league titles, 4 Cecil Cups)
RIV: 1059-723 0.594 (5 league titles, 2 Cecil Cups)
SAS: 980-802 0.550 (1 league title)
BRK: 960-822 0.539
NY: 756-702 0.519
WAL: 855-927 0.480
HOU: 800-982 0.449 (3 league titles, 2 Cecil Cups)
DAN: 789-993 0.443 (1 league title)
HIK: 626-832 0.429
HAR: 526-932 0.361
CLE: 502-956 0.344

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zotti League Historical Note

As of right now, here are two Zotti franchises' all-time records:

Los Angeles: 1061-721 (0.595 W%)
River Cities: 1059-723 (0.594 W%)

Will there finally be a switch in all-time Zotti League supremacy this year?

Scouts/Coaches Day 3...

... on Thursday night.


UDPATE: Sorry, it's going to have to be Saturday night. Family emergency last night.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting Pitcher Available

Man, I go on a four-day vacation and come back to see that the year rolled over as expected and that the first day of coaching signings has come and gone.

In any case, there will doubtlessly be a bigger "What Seattle's Offering" post later, but I wanted to get the word out early that I'm looking to move 3.5* SP Isidro Frau this offseason. Nothing against Frau, but given financial and roster constraints, he's likely the odd man out of my set of six starting pitchers.

Frau won 18 games last year, has never posted an ERA above 3.50, has only a $3.65 million salary this year, and is under arbitration control for 2014 and 2015 as well. I'm looking primarily for draft picks and/or prospects in return, as my major league roster is pretty much set going into this season.

Email me at the usual address if you're interested.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coach Signings Day 1 Complete

Day 1 is complete. Day 2 coach signings are due by Monday evening.

To make things easier, the following teams still have coaching positions open:

Brooklyn -- AAA
Houston -- Pitch, Hit, AA
Saskatoon -- Pitch, Scout
Seattle -- Pitch , AA, A
Danville -- AAA, A
New York -- Hit, Scout
Cleveland-- Scout
Walla Walla -- Scout, AAA


(Note: The league file was not updated, nor will it be until Coach signing is completed.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to the New Season!

Welcome everyone to the year 2013. It's going to be a great year in SDMB OOTP history. This year we're implementing a new playoff format whereby the top two teams from each division make it into the playoffs. In addition, there is the possibility that we might upgrade to a new version of the software by Opening Day. But before we get there, we still have some unfinished business to attend to.

The first order of business is the signing of coaches, scouts and minor league manager for the next season. The first day's bids are due in by Sunday night. Please remember not to overpay for a scout... regardless of his current ability, it's going to be set to average.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to speak up.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OK, here's the plan...

The rollover to 2013 will be done on Thursday night. It looks like no one objected* to the Wild Cards playoffs so we'll incorporate that for next season.

As for OOTP9, we still have a little time as the upgrade, if it is going to happen, can't happen before opening day. So, we'll allow debate on that to continue for a bit longer.


* Actually, I hate wild card playoffs, but then again I'm an old-school purist. But I'm clearly out-voted here.

So where are we?

When's the roll over and are we upgrading to OOTP9?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Monday, August 18, 2008

2013 draft order and traded picks

Following Mack's theme of "doing Zev's job for him," here's the final order of draft picks for the 2013 amateur draft, as well as picks that were traded in the past season.

Draft order:

1. Hartford (44 wins)
2. Cleveland (56 wins)
3. Danville (62 wins)
4. Houston (65 wins)
5. Walla Walla (72 wins)
6. Los Angeles (81 wins)
7. Saskatoon (83 wins)
8. Brooklyn (87 wins)
9. Hickory (89 wins)
10. New York (105 wins)
11. Seattle (118 wins -- Cecil Cup loser)
12. River Cities (110 wins -- Cecil Cup winner)

And, now, the traded picks. Under each round, I've listed them by chronological order, based on the league date the trade was processed:

1st round:

Hickory to River Cities - 3/2/12
Danville to River Cities - 3/2/12
Brooklyn to Los Angeles - 5/27/12
Seattle to Los Angeles - 5/27/12
New York to Houston - 7/8/12

2nd round:

Danville to River Cities - 3/2/12
Walla Walla to Seattle - 3/2/12
Saskatoon to Los Angeles - 7/22/12
New York to Los Angeles - 7/22/12

3rd round:

Los Angeles to Seattle - 3/2/12
Hickory to Los Angeles - 3/2/12

4th round:

Los Angeles to New York - 3/12/12
Walla Walla to Seattle - 5/27/12
Hickory to Los Angeles - 6/24/12

5th round:

Brooklyn to Los Angeles - 5/27/12

6th round:

7th round:

8th round:

New York to Houston - 7/8/12

9th round:

Los Angeles to River Cities - 7/22/12

10th round:

11th round:

Seattle to Los Angeles - 5/27/12

(Hmm, Nate, do you want to trade me your 11th round pick? Mack's isn't going to work for me.)

Any questions or corrections?

2012 Team Season Records

If we upgrade to OOTP 9, this may be the final installment, but it's time again for the annual rite of passage where I post the team season records that have, for good or ill, fallen in the past season. We'll start with the positives.

1. Best home record: Seattle, 65-16, .802 (2011 River Cities, 64-17, .790)
2. Best extra inning W%: Seattle, 10-3, .769 (2011 Los Angeles, 13-4, .765)
3. Most runs scored: River Cities, 965 (2011 River Cities, 942)
4. Fewest hits allowed: Seattle, 1167 (2009 River Cities, 1195)
5. Lowest opponents' batting average: Seattle, .218 (2009 River Cities, .220)
6. Most shutouts: Seattle, 10 (2007 Saskatoon, 9)
7. Best fielding percentage: Seattle, .986 (tied six previous teams)
8. Fewest errors: Seattle, 84 (tied 2004 Butte)

And now, the negatives.

9. Most extra inning losses: Houston 15 (2005 Brooklyn, 13)
10. Worst W% in one run games: Houston, 13-32, .289 (2009 Covington, 13-31, .295)
11. Fewest home runs: Hartford, 59 (2010 Houston and 2011 Denver, 68)
12. Fewest runs scored: Hartford, 442 (2009 Covington, 454)
13. Fewest triples: Danville, 15 (2007 Houston, 17)
14. Lowest team OBP: Hartford, .267 (ties 2009 Covington)
15. Lowest team SLG%: Hartford, .293 (2011 Denver, .309)
16. Lowest team OPS: Hartford, .560 (2011 Denver, .581)
17. Lowest R+ (runs scored relative to league: Hartford, 64 (2009 Covington, 65)
18. Lowest OPS+: Hartford, 80 (2004 Butte, 82)
19. Fewest RC (runs created): Hartford, 463 (2011 Denver, 501)
20. Fewest shutouts pitched: Hartford and Cleveland, 0 (tied with nine previous teams)

As always, if you have any questions about any team stats for this year or over the years, just post them in a comment.

2012 Award Winners

Since Zev's been busy with league administrative stuff, I thought I'd save him the trouble and throw this up for the owners to see.

Adams League Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Joseph Macaluso (SEA)!
He had a record of 15-6 with an ERA of 2.85 and 4 shutouts. In 26 games started, he pitched 189.1 innings, fanning 138 and walking 46 batters.

Zotti League Outstanding Newcomer Award:
Christopher Pearsall (CLE)! He batted .299 in 571 AB, with 4 homers and 58 RBI.

Adams League Outstanding Pitcher Award:
Chad Nelligan (SEA)! He had a record of 24-4 with an ERA of 1.96 and 3 shutouts. In 35 games started, he pitched 238.1 innings, fanning 224 and walking 33 batters.

Adams League Outstanding Batter Award:
Brian Frison (SAS)!
He batted .314 in 557 AB, with 43 homers and 124 RBI.

Zotti League Outstanding Pitcher Award:
Juan Villatoro (RIV)!
He had a record of 23-5 with an ERA of 2.10 and 2 shutouts. In 37 games started, he pitched 240.1 innings, fanning 245 and walking 43 batters.

Zotti League Outstanding Batter Award:
Patrick Valdes (RIV)!
He batted .342 in 602 AB, with 43 homers and 160 RBI.

Adams League Slick Fielder Award Winners:
Pitcher: Charles Midgett (BRK)
Catcher: Thomas Geter (HOU)
First Base: Kenneth Dolezal (SAS)
Second Base: Timothy Mendiola (HOU)
Third Base: Robert Fout (HIK)
Shortstop: Reggie Perez (SAS)
Leftfield: Josias Juarez (HAR)
Centerfield: Alva Mendonca (HIK)
Rightfield: Brian Frison (SAS)

Zotti League Slick Fielder Award Winners:
Pitcher: Albert Garcia (RIV)
Catcher: Joan Hinkel (LA)
First Base: Brian Palazzo (NY)
Second Base: Derrick Raglin (WAL)
Third Base: Alfred Scott (WAL)
Shortstop: Chester Cohen (NY)
Leftfield: Barry Brooks (CLE)
Centerfield: Christopher Pearsall (CLE)
Rightfield: Monte Goss (CLE)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upgrading to OOTP9 -- your thoughts?

The other matter to discuss is a possible switchover to OOTP 9. If we are going to do this, it has to be on Opening Day (the conversion software requires that the league be on opening day).

I think going to OOTP 9 has several advantages:

1. Better gameplay.
2. Much more customization. For example, we can actually set the DFA and waiver periods to 14 days, which match our cycle. We can fine tune and customize schedules, financials, etc. to match the way we run the league.
3. Better owner recruiting. I think that when we need to recruit new owners (and we need at least one now), it will be much easier to do with the current version. New owners will be more willing to plunk down the bucks to buy the software for the new version rather than one that's several years old.

There are other selling points as well. I'm not asking for a formal vote yet, but I wanted to gauge the interest in possibly upgrading on Opening Day. If you're curious, you can see what the league would look like at this link.

Please, let me know. Any concerns? Questions?

Wild Cards?

I've put off the season switchover for a few days, because I want to gauge the interest in a few items.

The first one involves wild cards in the playoffs. I've had a few owners ask me about the possibility of including them in for the next season. The only real setup available to us is to have the two second place teams as the wild cards. We don't have enough teams to go to three divisions.

What do you think? Discuss, cast your vote and let us know.



Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonder What Our League Would Look Like In OOTP9?

Wonder no more...

(Note: I advanced my test league to the next season and went through free agent signings, etc., so you may see some strange players on your team. But don't worry about it, this is only a dummy test, not our real league).


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Palace Coup! Sternwheelers Dethrone Monarchs!

River Cities captured the 2012 Cecil Cup today with a 6-5 victory over Seattle. This is the second title for River Cities, having won the 2008 cup against the Seattle Monarchs.

Box Log

There will be one more sim for making final offers to your free-agents to be. Please have them to me by Wednesday night.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Bad League File

It looks like I didn't zip the file correctly before uploading. I'm at work right now and don't have access to the file. I'll try to do it when I get home this afternoon before the Sabbath. If not, I'll do it Sunday night. If I do it Sunday night, then Game 5 will be on Tuesday.


UPDATE: Since both Nate and Mack agree, we're going to just do the sim on Sunday night regardless of whether or not I get the new file up.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sternwheelers' 7HR, 16 Runs Crush Monarchs

Two homers each for Anton Suarez and Wasaburo Ichiro. Macaluso, Frau hit hard.

Box Log

Sternwheelers have a 3-1 lead. Game 5 on Sunday night.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

River Cities Takes 2-1 Lead in Series

Box Log

Game 4 on Thursday Night.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fielding Woes Make It A Hull Of A Game For The Sternwheelers

You knew it wasn't going to be a good game for River Cities when the first two Seattle hitters reached base on errors. You knew it was going to be worse when both scored and Seattle never gave up the lead from then on.

Box Log

Game 3, Tuesday night

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