Friday, July 28, 2006

Could we go three division with a wild card?

I'm just idly thinking that with twelve teams we could go to three four-team division with a wildcard and spice things up a bit.

I admit to being against the wildcard when it started but it does add some excitement to the last two months of the season for many teams.

Just a thought.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

SDMB Historical Anomalies / One Run Games

Again, this is based on 2003-07 data.

Best One Run Games Record
1. Seattle 2005: 36-15 (.706)
2. Houston 2004: 28-16 (.636)
3. Hickory 2007: 29-17 (.630)
The Hickory 2007 performance is quite remarkable against their 80-82 record and helps explain why they outperformed their Pythagorean projection by eight games. Seattle's record so far this year in one run games is 35-15.

Worst One Run Games Record
1. Houston 2007: 12-28 (.300)
2. Kingston 2003: 15-29 (.341)
3. Danville 2007: 12-22 (.353)
All three of these performances, bad as they are, are better than the teams' winning percentage in that season.

Most One Run Games
1. Stockholm 2005: 63 (35-28)
2t. Denver 2005 and Brooklyn 2005: 60 (31-29 and 30-30 respectively)
Much like 2005 had the most extra inning games, by a fair margin, it also had the most one run games, by a big margin. Strange year.

Fewest One Run Games
1. Hickory 2004: 32 (18-14)
2. Walla Walla 2007: 37 (21-16)
3. Florida 2007: 38 (21-17)
Denver has only 34 one run games so far this year (15-19).

Most One Run Game Wins
1. Seattle 2005: 36
2. Stockholm 2005: 35
3. Stockholm 2004: 33 (33-20)

Most One Run Game Losses
1. Houston 2005: 37 (21-37)
2. Brooklyn 2003: 33 (25-33)
3. Hickory 2005: 32 (19-32)

Miscellaneous Notes
1. 1,330 games out of the 4,376 played from 2003 to 2007 were one run games. That's 30.3%.
2. Stockholm/Florida/South Bay has the best all-time winning percentage at .555 (132-106), although Seattle may pass them after this year. Covington/Michigan has the worst at .454 (89-107).
3. The best performance in one run games, compared to overall record, was Hickory in 2004. Hickory was 18-14 in one run games (.563) and 41-89 in all others (.315).
4. The worst performance compared to overall record was Saskatoon 2007 with a 26-28 record in one run games (.481) and 75-33 in all others (.694).
5. Brooklyn has played the most one run games, 261 (123-138).
6. The fewest are Kingston/Walla Walla with 218 (103-115) in five seasons (43.6/year) and Hickory with 172 (90-82) in four years (43/year).
7. New York (97-85, .533) and Hickory (90-82, .523), despite being expansion teams, have the third and fourth best all-time records in one run games. This year's performance may drop Hickory from that spot though.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Have You Seen This Man?

If you look at the Career Leaderboard page, you'll see that the top eight players all-time in saves are as follows:

1. Alfano 214
2. Diaz 164
3. Rhea 147
4. Donato 129
5. Caroll 118
6. Garcia 103
7. Ertel 95
8. Beliveau 86

However, this list is wrong. Will (who some reason is the only owner not posting on the blog) has pointed out to me that Thomas Hallinan should be tied with Joel Ertel for seventh place on the list.

Who is Thomas Hallinan?

Well, he was the Houston closer who set the Adams League record for saves in a season way back in 2002 with 43 saves. In fact, he *still* holds the record!

After the 2003 season, he was still the all-time leader for saves, having saved 36 games (despite posting an ugly 5.19 ERA). By the end of the 2004 season, he fell to fourth place with 95 saves, having lost his closer job to Jose Abarca. He sat out the 2005 and 2006 seasons, but as of the end of the 2006 season, he was still on the all-time leaders list (tied for 6th).

Hallinan officially retired on 1/26/2007. Yet, by the end of the season, he was a forgotten man outside of Houston. He was so forgotten that he was even wiped off the all-time leaders list. Aside from his mention in the Adams League and Houston record books, we'd never know he was here. It's fairly common for minor players who retire to "disappear" without a trace. However, it is not common for a player on an all-time leader list to do so (and even odder to do so after retirement). So, where is he?


SDMB Historical Anomalies / Extra Inning Performance

This is based on 2003-07 data.

Best Extra Innings Record
1. Virginia 2003: 5-2 (.714)
2t. Walla Walla 2005 and Brooklyn 2007: 12-5 (.706)
(Note: Both Seattle and Walla Walla are currently 12-5 this year in extra inning games)

Worst Extra Innings Record
1. Houston 2007: 0-6 (.000)
2. New York 2005: 1-10 (.091)
3. Hickory 2004: 2-11 (.154)

Most Extra Innings Games
1. California 2005: 26 (15-11)
2t. Seattle 2005: 24 (16-8)
2t. Brooklyn 2005: 24 (11-13)
(Note: Weird year for extra inning games in 2005. Lots of them in both leagues.)

Fewest Extra Innings Games
1t. Denver 2007: 6 (1-5)
1t. Houston 2007: 6 (0-6)
3. Virginia 2003: 7 (5-2)

Most Extra Innings Wins
1. Seattle 2005: 16
2t. California 2005 and Stockholm 2005: 15

Most Extra Innings Losses
1t. Brooklyn 2005 and Hickory 2005: 13
3t. California 2004, Butte 2004, and River Cities 2007: 12

Miscellaneous Notes
1. The most extra inning games were played in 2005, when there were 111 extra inning games (60 Adams and 51 Zotti).
2. Both 2004 and 2007 only had 93 extra inning games.
3. California/Danville has played the most extra inning games, 96, with a record of 46-50. River Cities has played 70 (31-39) in the five years of 2003-07, while Hickory has 58 in its four years of existence.
4. Seattle has the best winning percentage in extra inning games at .589 (53-37). Hickory has the worst at a remarkable .293 (17-41).

As I go on with these posts, if anyone has any questions about their team or anything else, drop it into a comment and I'll answer it there.

Only a few more to go!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Congrats, Mack!

As they used to say in Brooklyn... wait 'till next year!


Sim 13: Who uploaded?

River Cities
South Bay

SDMB Historical Anomalies / Home and Road Performance

I've loaded historical data for the teams' performances from 2002-2007 into my SDMB OOTP excel spreadsheet. (I blame the delay in the simming for this. Whenever the sim gets delayed, I find new things to look at which enable me to procrastinate at work.) Data is pretty limited right now for 2002, but I've got a lot to work with from 2003-07. I've just started looking at the numbers, but I'll post the odd things I find as I run across them and as time permits.

Today, I'll post about teams' home and road performances. This is just 2003-07, as I don't have the splits for 2002.

Best Home Record
1. Houston 2004: 60-21
2. Seattle 2005: 58-23
3t. Stockholm 2004 and Florida, 2007: 54-27

Worst Home Record
1t. Austin 2004 and Houston 2007: 21-60
3. Hickory 2005: 24-57

Best Road Record
1. Seattle 2007: 57-24
2. Stockholm, 2005: 55-26
3. Seattle 2005: 54-27

Worst Road Record
1t. Butte 2004 and Danville 2007: 21-60
3t. Austin 2005 and Houston, 2007: 22-59

Biggest Differential between Home Wins and Road Wins
1. Virginia 2003, +16 at home (50-31 vs. 37-44)
2t. Hickory 2004, +13 at home (36-45 vs. 23-58)
2t. Houston 2004, +13 at home (60-21 vs. 47-34)

1t. Hickory 2006, -14 at home (30-51 vs. 44-37)
1t. Seattle 2007, -14 at home (43-38 vs. 57-24)
3. Houston 2006, -13 at home (30-51 vs. 43-38)

Miscellaneous Facts
1. The combined home winning percentage from 2003-2007 is .510 (2312-2224).
2. The 2004 Adams League had the highest home winning percentage for a league, .547 (266-220).
3. The 2006 Adams League had the lowest home winning percentage for a league, .461 (224-262). That year, all six teams had a winning record on the road.
4. The biggest historical differentials between home and road wins are +26 for the Virginia/River Cities franchise and -7 for Seattle. None of the four expansion franchises have a percentage differential greater than those two, so that's not just an artifact of the extra season (2003).
5. Hickory (-2), Seattle (-7), and Kingston/Walla Walla (-2) are the only franchises with better historical marks on the road than at home.
6. Houston is the closest to being even with records of 197-208 at home and 196-209 on the road.

I think this stuff is kind of interesting. If anyone agrees, let me know. Otherwise, I'll keep my observations to myself. :-)

Adams League vs. Zotti League

Why is there such a vast discrepancy between the leaderboards in the two leagues? The offensive leaders in the Zotti league are far above those in the Adams, while the Adams pitching leaders exceed those in the Zotti league.

I first thought that the overall totals in the Adams League must be pitching biased while the Zotti league is all hitting. It's not. Here are the league totals.

(Warning, big gap ahead in the text for reasons I don't understand)


They're essentially almost identical.

However, there's much greater variance in both the team totals and in the individual stats in the Zotti League hitters than in the Adams League. For instance, there's only nine hitters with an OPS over .800 in the Adams League. The Zotti League has nine hitters with an OPS over .860. Similarly, the range in team OPS in the Adams League is less than 100 points, while it's over 170 points in the Zotti League.

The situation is somewhat reversed for pitching. The range in team ERA in the Adams League is 2.41 from low to high, while the range in the Zotti League is only 1.61. The Adams League has five pitchers with an ERA of less than 2.50. The Zotti League leader has an ERA of 2.49 and no one else is below 3.00.

I don't have a compelling explanation. I don't think that the best Zotti League hitters are that much better than the best Adams League hitters, nor do I think that the best Adams League pitchers are that much better than their Zotti counterparts. But, it's something that has intrigued me more and more as the year has gone on. Maybe I'm wrong and the best of the Adams pitchers and Zotti hitters are just vastly superior. In any case, I was wondering if anyone else had an explanation.

Sim status...

The boys came home from camp last night, so I didn't get to run the sim. My daughter is coming back tonight, so I'm afraid I can't promise that I'll get the sim in tonight. I'll try... but if not, it'll be Wednesday night.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Voting for end of season honors.

Happily thinking about Paul Shunk, and his chance to get the MV... oops I mean MOB

I was thinking that I know that other online leagues actually vote manually for end of season honors. I was wondering what other people about doing that in ours? I don't know if it actually does anything as far as player popularity, or future salary demands, but the computer sometimes picks wierd choices and it seems fun. And I figure we all are pretty fair around here and won't simply vote for our guys all the time.
Anyway I'll volunteer to write up a ballot-prospectus of MOB, MOP and Outstanding newcomer for each league's best players if you guys are interested after the regular season(It's not like I have to do a lot of managing in the playoffs :) ), and email it out or post it here.
I'm not quite sure how it works, if there is a management setting. or they simply overwrite the computer's choice afterward,
If you want a secret ballot then I guess we should all send our votes to Zev, or with an open ballot we could all just post here or email.
I also need to look up the official rules for length of previous call-up to be considered a rookie.
(we are still firing people at the Zephyr's offices for nobody noticing for half the year that Shunk was in the majors right after being drafted in 2006)

You guys interested?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My team's even more of a joke than I thought.

On 8/1 they brought in a SS Henriquez to pitch an inning in a tied game. Sadly his 18.00 ERA doesn't look all that bad on my team. ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How Safe Are League Records In 2008?

Possible records to fall in italics

Adams League Records
Batting Average : .365, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Paul Shunk, Denver .344
Not being broken this year.

Homeruns : 54, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Gregory Mudge, Seattle, 38
Record safe this year.

Runs Batted In : 143, Gregory Mudge (2005, Seattle)
Current Leader: Gregory Mudge, Seattle 111
Not this year.

At Bats : 694, Michael Hamilton (2002, Saskatoon)
Current Leader: Juan Melton, Brooklyn 575
Not even close.

Hits : 227, Gregory Mudge (2005, Seattle)
Current Leader: Michael Fay, 177
Will any Adams player get 200 this year?

Doubles : 54, Derrick Raglin (2004, Seattle)
Current Leader: John Willer, Seattle 45
Possible, but highly unlikely

Triples : 12, Russell Powell (2004, Saskatoon)
Current Leader: Pierre Moya, Hickory 10
Possible, but unlikely

Runs : 131, Willie Klopp (2005, Seattle)
Current Leaders: Bruce Frison, Saskatoon & Miguel Cuesta, Brooklyn 103
No new record this year.

Bases On Balls : 135, Willie Klopp (2004, Seattle)
Current Leader: Willie Klopp, Seattle 96
No new record.

Stolen Bases : 72, Buck Kruse (2007, Denver)
Current Leader: Buck Kruse, Denver 75
This one's already fallen.

ERA : 2.19, Richard Pimental (2003, Saskatoon)
Current Leader: Chad Nelligan, Hickory 1.72
Unless Nelligan gives up 50 runs or so over the last two weeks, this one's a goner.

Games : 112, Lorenzo Morales (2005, Saskatoon)
Current Leader: Mark Deschamp, Seattle 93
Record safe.

Games Started : 42, Pie-zu Yasuoka (2004, Hickory)
Current Leader: Jeffrey Shuttleworth, Denver 36

Wins : 21, Steven Jurgens (2003, Seattle)
Current Leader: Demarcus Ramirez, Saskatoon 18
Unprobable, but possible

Losses : 26, Vernon Larry (2004, Hickory)
Current Leader: Joel Dejesus, Denver 21
I don't think anyone's touching this one for a while

Saves : 43, Thomas Hallinan (2002, Houston)
Current Leader: Samuel Alfano, Brooklyn 35
No new record

Bases On Balls : 121, Joe Daye (2002, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Tahachirou Shinsaku 94
Daye's mark will still stand

Strikeouts : 312, Richard Pimental (2007, Saskatoon)
Current Leader: Bill Siple, Brooklyn 244
Not a chance.

Zotti League:
Batting Average : .366, Patrick Welch (2002, Kingston)
Current Leader: Shaun Guinn, River Cities .340

Homeruns : 51, Joseph Denn (2002, Stockholm)
Current Leader: Robert Fout, River Cities 44
Not this year.

Runs Batted In : 127, John Redman (2004, Virginia)
Current Leader: Ricky Peppers, South Bay 119
This one could fall!

At Bats : 675, George Hale (2004, Walla Walla)
Current Leader: Chet Edwards, River Cities 555
Nothing new here.

Hits : 217, Patrick Welch (2004, Walla Walla)
Current Leader: Chet Edwards, River Cities 183
Sorry, Chet. Try again next year.

Doubles : 49, Gerald Bowers (2003, California)
Current Leader: Michael Salzman, Danville 44
This one could go down.

Triples : 18, Joel Valenti (2004, Austin)
Current Leader: Ricky Peppers, South Bay 10
Not a prayer.

Runs : 141, Frank Nunn (2004, California)
Current Leader: Ricky Peppers, South Bay 104
No new record this year.

Bases On Balls : 125, Matthew Futral (2006, New York )
Current Leader: Manuel Manzo, New York 99
This one's safe.

Stolen Bases : 64, Patrick Welch (2005, Walla Walla)
Current Leader: Chet Edwards, River Cities 54
Nothing new this year.

ERA : 2.22, Troy Nelson (2004, Stockholm)
Current Leader: Sherman Wheeler, River Cities 2.49
This one's not going anywhere.

Games : 112, Mark Deschamp (2004, Walla Walla)
Current Leader: James Arenas, Covington 92
Not this year

Games Started : 46, Frank Osborne (2007, Danville)
Current Leader: Frank Osborne, Danville 35
I don't think anyone's getting this one for a while

Wins : 24, Craig Barmore (2004, Stockholm)
Current Leader: Sherman Wheeler, River Cities 19
Barmore's name lives on in the record books...

Losses : 22, Dane Vos (2004, Austin)
Current Leaders: Three playes tied with 17
... as does Vos'

Saves : 46, Antione Donato (2006, New York )
Current Leader: Junior Cuomo, South Bay 33
No new record this year.

Bases On Balls : 197, Frank Osborne (2007, Danville)
Current Leader: Frank Osborne, Danville 121
Wow! Is that really almost 200 walks in a season??!!

Strikeouts : 343, Frank Osborne (2007, Danville)
Current Leader: Frank Osborne, Danville 256.
No new record, but let me get this straight --

Last year Osborne walked 197 and struck out 343? Did anyone actually hit the ball against him??

Brooklyn Wolves Records
Batting Average : .365, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Miguel Cuesta .298

Homeruns : 54, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Miguel Cuesta 35

Runs Batted In : 129, Roberto Casarez (2005, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Miguel Cuesta 101

At Bats : 668, James Brown (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Juan Melton 575

Hits : 218, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Miguel Cuesta 167

Doubles : 41, Mathew Claypool (2002, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Beau Manning 34

Triples : 11, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Rafael Collaza 6

Runs : 122, Roberto Casarez (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Miguel Cuesta 103

Bases On Balls : 118, Rafael Collazo (2007, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Rafael Collazo 86

Strikeouts : 129, Jonathan Dillow (2007, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Rafael Collazo 101

Stolen Bases : 25, George Rawlins (2003, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Marcus Bond 17

ERA : 2.55, Eric Setliff (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Bill Siple 2.63

Games : 106, Frank Maus (2005, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Johnny Cowherd, 89

Wins : 19, Charles Midgett (2007, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Bill Siple 16

Losses : 12, Hubert Bustillos (2004, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Eric Setliff 10

Saves : 35, Samuel Alfano (2006, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Samuel Alfano, 35
Already tied...

Bases On Balls : 121, Joe Daye (2002, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Eric Setliff 80

Strikeouts : 258, Bill Siple (2007, Brooklyn)
Current Leader: Bill Siple 244

The home stretch.

With just about two weeks left in the season, here's how we've been jockeying for position all year long:

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Several players reached important milestones this past sim:

Wendell Sorg (South Bay), Joe Daye (Seattle) and Bill Siple (Brooklyn) all reached the 100-win club.

Russell Powell (Houston) became the first player with 800 RBI.

Sorg also passed the 1500K mark. He is second on the all-time list, trailing only Richard Pimental.

Players who may still reach important milestones this year include:

Roberto Casarez (Brooklyn) who is only one home run away from 250 (2nd all-time).
Willie Klopp (Seattle) needs only six walks to reach 750 (all-time leader).
Richard Pimental needs only four strikeouts to reach 1750.


17 Inning Marathon

The game started well for Hickory on Friday, September 6. The Huskers jumped out to an early lead in the bottom of the first inning when leadoff hitter Albert Chavez doubled and shortstop Pierre Moya followed with two-run homerun. Unfortunately, for the hometown nine, Hickory accumulated 51 outs over the next 17 innings without plating another run in a 3-2 defeat at the hands of the mighty Seattle Monarchs.

Seattle tied the game in the top of the third inning, before the two sides settled down for a long, long pitchers duel. The Monarchs finally pushed across a run in the top of the 17th to claim the victory.

Seattle used nine pitchers and seven Husker hurlers took the hill. The loss went to Jeff Blevins, who had come up in the Seattle organization before signing a minor league deal this offseason with Hickory. The 16 pitchers combined for the following line:

34 IP, 17 hits, 5 runs (all earned), 7 walks, 20 Ks, 1.32 ERA.

The hitters posted a combined .148/.194/.200 batting line. Seattle's sole extra base hit was a meaningless double in the second inning. The two teams' #5 hitters (Lowell Maclin and Alan Callahan) had the worst line of the nights as a combined 0 for 13 with one walk.

All in all, Seattle may have won the game, but the two teams' pitchers were the clear victors on this night.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sim 12: Who uploaded?

South Bay
River Cities

Sunday, July 16, 2006

And A Final Round Of Applause For...

Earl Bartholomew, Brooklyn 1B
Earl was never a superstar, but yet, he was always able to hold his head high and maintain that he did his best in the league. Earl will be hanging 'em up this year - 39 is just too old to be going out there every day and banging out the hits.

Earl started his career as the Wolves first baseman back in the league's inagural season. He even got to play in the All Star game that year. He played all 162 games for Brooklyn, hitting .281 while smacking 14 homers and driving in 80. 2003 was his best season, going .295/17/81. He also had a 20-game hitting streak. While he was still the Brooklyn first baseman for the next three seasons, it became clear that his skills were declining. He lost his starting first base job in mid 2007 to Beau Manning. Bartholomew was going to call it quits when Zev Steinhardt, owner of the Wolves, coaxed him into coming back for one more season. Playing for Kensington, Brooklyn AAA team, he hit .344, good enough to earn a trip back to Brooklyn to finish his career. In fact, with the injury to regular catcher Willy Guzman, Bartholomew will likely get to start at first for the remainder of the season.

Hobert Hagerty, Denver SP
On June 28, Hobert knew it was time to leave. He had just pitched three innings against Seattle, giving up six runs and taking his seventh loss in a row. He finishes the year with a 2-10 record and a 5.59 ERA. But it wasn't always like that for Hobert Hagerty.

Hobert started his career in Kingston, as their fourth-round draft pick in the initial draft. After going 13-7 in 2002, he put up an 8-15 record in 2003 for the awful Kingston team that year. Nonetheless, he had a 3.55 ERA and struck out 189 batters. Despite the unfavorable record, Seattle gave Hobert a then-record $20 million per year for the next two years. The deal paid off - Hobert went 40-28 over the next two years, striking out over 500 batters and kept his ERA at around 2.45, pitched a no-hitter and won the Adams League Outstanding Pitcher Award both years. Seattle won the Adams League Pennant in 2005, although Hobert took the loss in his only Cecil Cup game that year. Seattle brought him back for 2006 where he went 16-7 and pitched respectably in the Cecil Cup (1-0, 2.40). The 2007 season was a poor season for Hobert. He went 9-12 and failed to earn an All Star spot for the first time in his career. Denver brought him in to help out for the 2008 campaign, but after his June 28th performance, he hung 'em up for good.

Alexander Fulp, Hickory, LF
Fulp was one of the league original speedsters. Like Hobert Hagerty, he spent the first two years of the league's existance in Kingston. While there, he hit about .260, hit 32 out of the park, swiped 59 bases, scored 185 runs and played in two All-Star games. In 2004, he followed the Kingston franchise to Walla Walla. He lost his starting job in 2004 and only served as a backup outfielder in Walla Walla. In 2006, he saw a chance for a starting job in Hickory, and grabbed it. Unfortunately, his batting average plummetted to .228. In 2008, he's again a backup player and realizes that it's time to go.

Steve Jurgens, Houston SP
Many thought that Steve Jurgens would be the first pitcher to get 100 wins in the league. It's true that Craig Barmore was the better pitcher at first, but everyone realized that Barmore was too old when the league started and that he wouldn't get to 100. Jurgens, most people figured would be the first. At the start of the 2008 season, Jurgens was only three wins away from the century mark. Unfortunately, he didn't get that third win until July 19 - and by then Richard Pimental had left him far behind.

Jurgens started his career in Seattle, as the first player selected by the Monarchs in the initial draft. In 41 games that year, he put up a 13-10 record. However, it wasn't until 2003 that he became recognized as one of the best pitchers in the game. That year, he posted a 21-7 record with a 2.93 ERA. That effort earned him the Outstanding Pitcher Award. Shortly after the All-Star break in 2004, he was traded to Virginia for John Okane and then-minor leaguer Johnny Cowherd. He finished the year with a 17-10 record and a 2.98 ERA.

Taking a page from Seattle's playbook the previous year, Stockholm ponied up $20,000,001 per year to sign him to a three year contract. During those three seasons, Jurgens was a valuable member of the Stockholm (and later Florida) rotation, earning two All-Star berths and three Cecil Cup Championships. His four Cecil Cup victories remain a record to this day. After the 2007 season, he received an offer from Houston to get his 100th victory in the Deep South. He finally did get #100.

Joel Ertel, South Bay RP
"Joel Ertel, closer." He'd always dreamed of hearing those words. This is the story of a dream come true.

Joel started out with Saskatoon as a member of their bullpen in 2002. He got a chance to save some games in 2003, but his 5.94 ERA was quite high. He finally got his chance in 2004, when he saved 37 games for the Cossacks, leading the league. Ignoring his meltdown in 2003, River Cities gave him a $16.5 million, 1 year contract. At the trading deadline, Seattle acquired him in an eight player deal. However, he did poorly in the Cecil Cup that year, giving up three hits and two runs in one and a third innings.

In the offseason, he switched to the other side, signing a one year deal (for quite a bit less) with Stockholm. He was no longer the closer, but he spent the next two seasons with Stockholm/Florida, putting up an 11-10 record while winning two World Championships.

Once the 2008 season started, it was apparent that this was the end for Joel After pitching in 16 games, he posted a 2-4 record with an ERA of 11.48 before being released by South Bay in July.

Justin Rhea, South Bay RP
Justin Rhea isn't being forced out - he's stepping down voluntarily; his 3-2 record and 2.53 ERA this season are ample evidence of that. It's just that at age 40, Justin wants to spend more time with his family.

Rhea is another orignal Kingston Canadian retiring this year. As the Kingston closer in 2002, he posted 41 saves. He continued as the Kingston/Walla Walla closer for another two years after that. In 2005, he was no longer closing, but still pitched well enough to earn his second All-Star selection. River Cities brought him in to close in 2006, where he picked up another 41 saves. Florida brought him in in 2007 to shore up the bullpen, where he won seven games and won a World Championship. In 2008, he may have a chance for one more with South Bay before he calls it quits.

Scott Mayhew, Walla Walla SP
Ernest Delamora, Danville SP

Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Say, is there an easy way to access a graph of all the teams' winning percentage over the course of the season? I am forever finding new features and reports and whatnot in various nooks and crannies of the program, so it's quite possible I've missed it. Anybody?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Upcoming promotions highlight an important week of baseball in the South Bay


The four-time defending Cecil Cup champion South Bay Scorpions are pleased to announce that Ricky Peppers Bobblehead Night is scheduled for this Wednesday's critical game against River Cities.

"This is pretty cool," Peppers said as he was presented with a sneak preview of the bobblehead doll. "They even got my eye color right."

Ricky Peppers Bobblehead Night is the focal point of a week of Scorpion fan celebrations. "This is our first season in Southern California, and our attendance is up from our seasons in Florida," owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated. "We finally have some competition in the Zotti League again, and our fans have been superb. We wanted to reward them for their faith."

South Bay, currently three games behind the River City Paddlewheelers in the Zotti League standings, have nine games remaining against their foes, including seven at the beautiful new Scorpion Pit, in Redondo Beach, CA.

"Monday night will be Baseball Cap Night at the Pit, and we're giving out Bill Turek autographed bats to all youngsters on Thursday night, in honor of my own son's birthday on 5 September," Weintraub explained.

Early word around the South Bay is that this week's series against the Paddle Wheelers, which kicked off with a bang with last night's thrilling come-from-behind victory, has electrified the nascent fanbase. "We were at 89% full last night, and we're hearing about sell-outs for the rest of the week. Our market is huge, and our fan interest is 100%, and our shirts and caps are flying off the shelves. We love our fans and can't wait to honor them and fight for the league. It's been a while since we had some competition in the league, and, while I don't want to make it a habit, it's a nice change of pace," Weintraub said.

"This is just too cool," Peppers agreed, not taking his eye off his bobblehead doll. Across the clubhouse, ace closer Junior Cuomo was heard calling his agent, asking when his bobblehead night will be.

"Umm, if you'll excuse me," Weintraub said. "I have to call the manufacturer. We're going to have Junior Cuomo Bobblehead Night, umm, next month on our final home game before the playoffs."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who are your September promotions?

I'm going to make a few. But the big one is John Hukill, SS.

Drafted in 2005 by California I acquired him from Danville this offseason for Ernest Delamora (sorry about that).

He had decent numbers in 3 years at single-A for Cali/Danville...

2005 .257/.416/.468
2006 .288/.436/.502
2007 .336/.498/.703

This year I agressively promoted him:

A .324/.519/.613 (238 AB)
AA .270/.455/.649 (74 AB)
AAA .310/.512/.655 (116 AB)

At the end of August his ratings are:

Contact: 54
Gap: 51
Power: 60
Eye: 100

He's as ready as he's ever going to be, IMHO. Let's see what he can do with some MLB experience.

So how about you folks? Who's getting the shot this Fall?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sim's Done

I didn't get a chance to change the league page, but everything should be up to date. Next sim will be next Monday.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Sim 11: Who uploaded?

River Cities
South Bay

From The Onion: DL Offers Mark Prior 2-Year, $8M Extension



Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The State of the Dans.

Despite being in second-to-last place in the Zotti League standings, the Danville Dans are pleased to present this overview: The State of the Dans.

First and foremost, Danville continues to be pleased with the acquisition and development of CF Paulino Zamorano. Acquired in an early July trade with Seattle, Zamorano earned the Zotti League's Player of the Week award in mid-August, hitting .500 with three homeruns and 10 RBI. Much of this production came in two consecutive games: an 8-6 loss at New York and a 6-2 win against visiting Walla Walla. In the loss, Zamorano went 3-for-3 with two homeruns and five RBI, a career record. In the win, the Danville player achieved a double, a homerun and batted in three runs. Zamorano was named Player of the Game in both contests.

Other recent highlights for Danville include right-fielder David Kerry's performance as Danville beat the Paddlewheelers 6-4 at River Cities in yesterday's game (August 18). Kerry, named Player of the Game for his efforts, went 3-for-4 with two homeruns and three RBI. The Dans also beat the Scorpions 6-1 in an August 15 contest at South Bay, in which seven Dans hit doubles. Michael Salzman, Larry Debusk, David Kerry, Billy Foster, Winston Satterlee, Kelvin Rios and pitcher Frank Osborne each hit for extra bases. Bill Mastrangelo also tagged a homerun in that game. Danville also continues to hold tightly to a highly contested second place in Zotti's AAA League race in which three other teams are just one game behind the Danville's DuBois County Bombers. Danville is also holding on to second in double- and single-A ball.

It's not all sunshine and roses for the Dans however, with two players injured in the same game in early August. In a home loss against Walla Walla on August 9, the Dans' starting pitcher, Andrew Weimer was struck by a line drive, breaking his cheekbone. That wasn't the end of the Dans' troubles, however. Billy Hayton, outfielder, entered the game when he pinch ran for rightfielder David Kerry in the seventh inning. In the top of the ninth, Hayton succeeded in preventing the Federal Duck from extending its lead when he chased down a fly ball on the rightfield line but earned a broken rib for his troubles. Hayton will be out of commission for another week, while Weimer should return just before the season ends.

The Dans finish a roadtrip at River Cities (5-19 vs. RIV), head to Covington for a three-game mid-week trip (13-9 vs. COV), and then return to Danville for a seven-game homestand againt New York (7-15 vs. NY) and Covington.

A brief analysis of the contenders...

Or, Nate pokes fun at people.

Realistically we have three main contenders at this point in the season, Seattle, South Bay, and River Cities. Others could still win their divisions but it's an uphill battle, I think you will agree. So let's restrict our analysis to those three.

At first glance the records indicate some distance...

Seattle 82-38
River Cities 79-41
South Bay 73-47

A spread of nine wins between the three teams. Well and good. But let's delve deeper into the numbers...

Pythagorean Record. The PytRec is a function of runs scored and runs allowed. It predicts the expected win total based on offensive and defensive performance. Through this we can establish to what level luck is involved in a teams W/L record:


River Cities 83.37
Seattle 81-39
South Bay 75-45

Suddenly in gets interesting. Both Zotti league teams have been unlucky to one extent or another while the Adams League team is a little bit to the lucky side of the ledger.

Aside: Let's send some love out to Saskatoon at this point as they are UNlucky at an astounding 9 game clip. A rare feat and one closely matched on the flip side by Covington who are 7 games to the LUCKY side.

Having already established the Zotti thing in terms of Record we'll look at Batting:

OPS .751
HR 125
R 608
BB 406
SB 57

River Cities
OPS .793
HR 147
R 664
BB 391
SB 93

South Bay
OPS .759
HR 124
R 607
BB 459
SB 102

Again we see the dominance of the Zotti League this season. Both River Cities AND South Bay have superior numbers in all facets of AVG, OBP, and SLG. In addition, they both beat Seattle handily in terms of SB. There is no facet of offense in which Seattle dominates the Zotti league contenders.

Pitching. Turning now to the pitching side of the ledger we see the first glimmerings of good news for the Seattlites (it's like a satellite but with more coffee and cloud cover). Seattle has a clear lead in ERA...

ERA 3.02
HA 966
R 420
ER 367
BB 290
K 990
OAVG .234

River Cities
ERA 3.40
HA 932
R 447
ER 415
BB 334
K 906
OAVG .229

South Bay
ERA 3.55
HA 980
R 473
ER 429
BB 313
K 849
OAVG .240

But wait! Before we praise Seattle too much let's dive into something I noticed! Seattle has, somehow given up 53 unearned runs this year. Compared to River Cities 32 and South Bay's 44 that seems excessive.

Total Runs Allowed per Game:

Seattle: 3.45
River Cities: 3.66
South Bay: 3.91

That still gives Seattle an edge in pitching but shrinks it by half. Add in the fact that Seattle has allowed only 62 HR so far this year and they have an advantage in this category, though not as much as appears at first blush.


On the defensive side of the ledger we're all close so we'll be looking for marginal advantages.

F% .981
DP 90
E 89

River Cities
F% .985
DP 105
E 68

South Bay
F% .982
DP 99
E 85

So River Cities is the clear winner in defense while Seattle's unearned runs from the 'Pitching' section above began to make a little sense. Clearly, Seattle is forgot to turn in those 'turn back the clock' gloves from a promotion. Using the Jamesian DP/E ratio we get:

Seattle: 1.01
River Cities: 1.54
South Bay: 1.16

A clear victory for River Cities.

In short, the signs point to the superiority of the Zotti league this season and the superiority of River Cities within that league.

Best to give up now, all of you, before it goes to far.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sim's Done


Sim 10: Who uploaded?

River Cities
South Bay

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Sim'll Come Out, Tomorrow.. Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Tomrrow...

... they'll be sim.

It's been a rough week, but things are a bit calmer now. I'll definitely have the sim done sometime tomorrow during the day. Thanks to everyone for being so patient.


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