Sunday, March 30, 2008

Round 2/Day 4 Completed

Round 2 picks

Hartford pick: 3B Craig Buchan. Signing Bonus: $140,000
Cleveland pick: P Alfredo Herrero. Signing Bonus: $84,000
Houston pick: P Jonathan Casady. Signing Bonus: $73,500
Houston pick: P Larry Lepley. Signing Bonus: $122,500
New York pick: SS Jesse Bobadilla. Signing Bonus: $91,000
Hickory pick: C Bryon Webb. Signing Bonus: $35,000
Walla Walla pick: CF Michael Tallant. Signing Bonus: $105,000
River Cities pick: SS Richard Bender. Signing Bonus: $129,500
Brooklyn pick: P Carter Innes. Signing Bonus: $35,000
Cleveland pick: 1B John Woolery. Signing Bonus: $98,000
Cleveland pick: P Ricardo Cardona. Signing Bonus: $35,000
Seattle pick: 1B Anthony Adcox. Signing Bonus: $35,000

Day 2 Free Agents

Seattle: Free agent P Bill Siple $5,000,000 per year, for 2 years.
Seattle: Free agent CF Michael Fay $6,000,000 per year, for 1 years.
Brooklyn: Free agent LF George Rawlins $4,101,000 per year, for 1 years.
Los Angeles: Free agent P Joe Daye $700,000 per year, for 1 years.

Day 5 Free Agents on Monday night.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

2011 SDMB OOTP All World Team

The Fourth Annual SDMB OOTP All World Team is ready to be unveiled. And, it's brought to you once again by Scott Boras, agent to the stars and, more relevantly, to Christopher Moss.

(See the 2010 Team, 2009 Team, and 2008 Team.)

This year's team is marked by an unprecedented show of unanimity. Every single winner was unanimous, with the exception of catcher, where the winner was first on every ballot except one, which named him second. So, on with the show.

Catcher: Waylon Blassingame, SEA (second award)

First Base: Dong Lutz, HIK (second award)

Second Base: Timothy Palacio, RIV (second award)

Third Base: Eugene Alustiza, SEA (first award)

Shortstop: John Hukill, RIV (second award)

Left Field: Christopher Moss, WAL (second award)

Center Field: Patrick Valdes, RIV (first award)

Right Field, Brian Frison, SAS (third award)

Starting Pitcher: Chad Nelligan, SEA (third award)

Relief Pitcher: Junior Cuomo, LA (the only player to win all four years)

Congratulations to the winners!

The REAL story...

... behind the Rafael Collazo signing.

Zev Steinhardt disguised as Walla Walla Owner: Well, Mr. Collazo, we really look forward to having you join our team. We could always use someone of your talents in our outfield.

Rafael Collazo: No problem. I'm glad to get away from that hellhole in Brooklyn. Would you believe that that cheap, miserable owner in Brooklyn didn't want to give me a decent salary? You'd think after giving him six great years as an outfielder, he'd at least have the decency to give me a nice raise? No, not that guy. I tell you Steinhardt is a real bum.

Steinhardt: No, I understand. What were you getting from Brooklyn these last six years?

Collazo: A bit under $11 million. And you know what, I wouldn't have been greedy. Perhaps another three to four million as a reward for the years of service and I could have retired happy. But no, Steinhardt wouldn't cooperate. That's why I had to break off negotiations. I told him I'd be playing elsewhere next year, and I meant it! Now I have to go out and scrounge for work. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm very greatful for this opportunity that you're giving me. Heck, I don't mind working for a bit less to get away from that crumb.

Steinhardt: Yeah, he can be a bum, can't he? (laughs) Well, here's the contract we agreed on. Ready to sign?

Collazo: Sure. Say, why are you covering the team name?

Steinhardt: Um... standard policy here in Washington.

Collazo: That's a strange policy.

Steinhardt: Yeah, well... I guess we Washingtonians are strange. Yeah, that's the ticket. Just sign already!

Collazo: (signs) Okay. Boy am I glad to be as far away from Brooklyn as I can get. Clear across the country. And I never even have to play in Brooklyn again unless they somehow get into the Cecil Cup. Fat chance of that without me in their outfield.

Steinhardt: Well, um, yeah. Good luck. We'll see you in spring training.

(Collazo leaves)

Steinhardt: Boy, is he going to be surprised when this is filed with the league office. :)

Day 3 Signings

River Cities: Free agent P Albert Garcia $10,500,000 per year for 1 years.
Los Angeles: Free agent 2B Robert Ramsey $2,900,123 per year, for 2 years.

Day 4 Free Agency/Round 2 Amateur Draft on Saturday night.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2011 SDMB OOTP Team Records

Time again for that always thrilling off-season post where the teams who have set records, for good or ill, are identified. Lots of good records set this year, and not all by the two juggernauts. Here's the list of new records for the franchises to take pride in, with the prior records given in parentheses. Where more than one team broke the old record, that is noted as well.

1. Best Record: Seattle, 125-37, .772 (2010 Seattle, 114-48, .704)
*** River Cities also broke the record last year with their 119-43 mark.
2. Best Pythagorean Record: Seattle, 125-37 (2009 River Cities, 122-40)
*** River Cities also broke the record last year with their 124-38 mark
3. Best Home Record: River Cities, 64-17 (2004 Houston and 2010 Seattle, 60-21)
*** Seattle also broke the record last year with their 61-20 mark
4. Best Road Record: Seattle, 64-17 (2007 Seattle, 57-24)
5. Best Extra Inning Record: Los Angeles, 13-4, .765 (2003 Virginia. 5-2, .714)
*** Seattle also broke the record last year with their 8-3, .727 mark
6. Most One-Run Wins: Los Angeles, 40 (2005 Seattle, 36)
7. Best One-Run Record: Los Angeles, 40-16, .714 (2009 South Bay, 34-14, .708)
8. Highest Team Batting Average: Seattle, .291 (2010 Seattle, .288)
9. Most Home Runs: River Cities, 227 (2003 Brooklyn, 218)
10. Most Runs Scored: River Cities, 942 (2004 Houston, 932)
11. Most Hits: Seattle, 1660 (2010 Seattle, 1655)
12. Highest Team OBP: Seattle, .360 (2004 Houston, .356)
*** River Cities also broke the record last year with their .357 mark
13. Highest Team OPS: River Cities, .819 (tied 2004 Houston)
14. Highest R+ (Runs Scored Relative to League): Seattle, 136 (2010 Saskatoon, 128)
15. Highest OPS+ (OPS Relative to League): Seattle, 116 (2004 Houston, 2009 River Cities, 2010 Saskatoon, and 2010 Seattle, 113)
*** River Cities also broke the record last year with their 115 mark
16. Most Saves: Brooklyn, 58 (2005 Stockholm, 56)
17. Lowest ERA: Seattle, 2.76 (2010 River Cities 2.86)
*** Seattle was also the first team to give up fewer than 500 runs in a season, with 492.
18. Best ERA+ (ERA Relative to League): River Cities, 142 (2009 River Cities, 138)
19. Lowest FIP: Seattle 2.71 (2009 Seattle, 2.76)
20. Best Fielding Percentage: 2011 Houston, .986 (tied five teams)

Unfortunately, there were also a few low marks set this year. There weren't very many of them, but there were a few. Sorry, guys.

21. Most Extra Inning Losses: Danville, 13 (tied 2005 Brooklyn, 2005 Hickory, and 2010 Covington)
22. Fewest Walks Received: Denver, 350 (2010 Denver, 366)
23. Fewest Doubles: Danville, 177 (2009 Denver, 178)
24. Fewest Home Runs: Denver, 68 (tied 2010 Houston)
25. Lowest Team SLG: Denver, .309 (2010 Houston, .312)
26. Worst Team OPS: Denver, .581 (2009 Covington, .583)

As always, feel free to ask me any questions about these records, or any other team statistical issues, in the comments.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 2 Free Agent Signings/Round 1 Amateur Draft

Day 2 Free Agent Signings:
Brooklyn : LF Rafael Collazo, 8,250,250 per year, for 3 years.
Hickory : RF Tony Demiras, 4,500,000 per year, for 4 years.
Los Angeles : RF Todd Shepley, 500,000 per year, for 2 years.

Round 1 Amateur Draft Picks
Hartford pick: 2B Imatarou Natsu. Signing Bonus: $1,196,000
Cleveland pick: P Kendrick Kaler. Signing Bonus: $2,376,000
Seattle pick: P Salomon Candelas. Signing Bonus: $372,400
Houston pick: C Douglas Stiger. Signing Bonus: $693,000
New York pick: P Marc Powell. Signing Bonus: $151,900
Hickory pick: 1B James Dodd. Signing Bonus: $208,000
River Cities pick: RF Malcolm Birdsell. Signing Bonus: $111,550
Saskatoon pick: C Razan Juro. Signing Bonus: $191,900
Brooklyn pick: P Benjamin Perez. Signing Bonus: $145,500
Saskatoon pick: 1B Earl Groesbeck. Signing Bonus: $346,500
Hickory pick: LF Terrance Hardy. Signing Bonus: $159,650
Seattle pick: P Danny Frank. Signing Bonus: $111,550

Day 3 Free Agent Signings Due on Wednesday Night

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 1 Free Agent Signings: No one!

Day 2 Free Agents and Round 1 of the Amateur Draft tomorrow night.

Amateur Draft Instructions for New Owners: If you have the first pick, send me one name. If you have the second pick, send me two names, in order of preference. If the first guy is still available, you'll get him, if not, you'll get the second guy. If you have the third pick, then send me three names, and so on.

Traded draft picks (updated and corrected):

Round 1:
3. Danville -> Seattle (4/1/2011)
7. Walla Walla -> River Cities (6/10/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Saskatoon (5/13/2011)
11. River Cities -> Hickory (1/27/2012)

Round 2:
8. Saskatoon -> River Cities (7/22/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)
11. River Cities -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)

Round 3:
3. Danville -> Seattle (4/29/2011)
8. Saskatoon -> Los Angeles (5/13/2011)
11. River Cities -> Saskatoon (7/22/2011)

Round 4:
2. Cleveland -> Houston (7/22/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)

Round 5:
6. Hickory -> Houston (5/27/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Seattle (5/13/2011)

Round 6:
12. Seattle -> Walla Walla (7/8/2011)

Round 7:
12. Seattle -> Danville (7/22/2011)

Round 11:
12. Seattle -> Los Angeles (4/29/2011)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Attention Free Agent Shoppers!

Please have your day 1 free agent bids in by Thursday night!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 4 Signings

New York : Minors Manager James Mateo, $600,000 per year, for 1 year.
Cleveland: Pitching Coach Stanton Lounsbury, $320,000 per year, for 1 year.
New York : Scout Leon Coniglio, $100,000 per year, for 5 years.

Due to popular request (popular being one person), I have updated the league file.

Day 5 Coach signings on Monday night.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trade: River Cities and Hickory, Palacio Finds a New Home

Dateline: Marietta, January 27, 2012

In what is becoming an annual tradition, Marietta GM and owner Nate Wooley has begun dealing players for prospects this year. The first deal of this offseason features top flight minor league talent and an establish all star, Timothy Palacio.

River Cities has dealt second sacker Palacio to Hickory, along with third baseman Robert Fout, relief pitcher Tobias Gutierrez, and the eleventh overall pick in this year's amateur draft to Hickory in return for left field prospect Robert Estill, right field prospect Peter Bernabe, third base prospect Nathanael Burton, and Hickory's first round pick in next year's amateur draft, wherever that may be.

"It was a good deal for us", said Wooley, sipping coffee while the waters rose on the Muskingum River. "Our salary situation was getting untenable, even with the growth in revenue over the last several years. Combine that with the weakness in our farm system after last year's playoff push and it makes sense all around. Plus, Tim's just one surly bastard. He's better elsewhere, I think."

"Surly? That bastard! I gave him great performance! I'll show his sorry ass, that miserable, lousy, no-good so-and-so. I'm going to have such a year he'll cry his sorry ass off!" said Palacio, with vehemence.

Reached at his remote villa, third baseman Fout commented, "Well, it's not like it was unexpected. I'm still a good player but with Quijada on board there was no room for me. I'm just happy I'll end up somewhere I can get a chance to hit some bombs and drive in some runs."

Palacio, who last year hit hit 37 home runs while driving in 125 and sending up a .299/.359/.451 line, is slated to play second base and be a big run producer for the retooling Hickory franchise.

Estill, the #3 prospect in the game, spent last season between A-ball and AA and is expected to slide into the AA roster for River Cities. The 2nd overall pick in last year's draft, Estill is a five-star work in prospect who is not expected to get to River Cities for at least two years.

Regarding the other prospect, Bernabe should start the season at AAA and Burton, a versitile player with skills as second, short, and third, should begin the season as with the major league squad as the back up infielder.

I Should Know Better...

... than to try to do a sim on a school night.

We'll try again Saturday night.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 3 Signings

Hickory: Minors Manager Markus Tartaglia, $800,000 per year, for 2 years.
Hickory: Scout Carlton Davis, $350,000 per year, for 3 years.

Walla Walla: Minors Manager Justin Bishop, $400,000 per year, for 1 year.

Cleveland: Minors Manager John Wellman, $400,000 per year, for 1 year.

Day 4 Thursday Night

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2011 SDMB OOTP All World Nominations

Once again, Zev has authorized me to run an SDMB OOTP All World Team. (See the 2010 Team, 2009 Team, and 2008 Team).

As in the past, I will be sending out an email to everyone with an attached .pdf file listing potential candidates at each position (each of the eight field positions, one starting pitcher, and one reliever). I list the players at the positions they actually played, not the position assigned to them in the game.

This first round is just to see if anyone thinks I've missed a player that should be nominated. I'll give everyone until next Monday (March 10) to send me their candidates for inclusion on the list. After that, I'll send out a final list for voting.

As before, when the voting round is upon us, I'll ask people to vote for their top three selections at each position. I'll then tally the votes and, presto, we have our 2011 All World Team.

P.S. Once again, this seems to be a weak season at third base. If I'm missing a deserving third baseman in particular, let me know.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 2 Signings

Brooklyn: Pitching Coach Russell Bean, $925,000 per year, for 1 year.
Brooklyn: Hitting Coach Rupert Osteen, $850,000 per year, for 1 year.

Cleveland: Hitting Coach Phillip Crosley, $1,250,000 per year, for 3 years.
Cleveland: Minors Manager Gerald Patton, $1,200,000 per year, for 2 years.

Hartford: Pitching Coach Gregory Victorino, $444,000 per year, for 2 years.
Hartford: Hitting Coach Sean Mentzer, $550,000 per year, for 2 years.

River Cities: Pitching Coach Gavin White, $2,500,000 per year, for 3 years.
River Cities: Minors Manager David Osborne, $1,450,000 per year, for 3 years.
River Cities: Scout William Twombly, $350,000 per year, for 3 years.
River Cities: Minors Manager Kevin Currie, $1,800,000 per year, for 3 years.

Day 3 signings: Wednesday Night

2012 Amateur Draft Order

Here's the information for the upcoming amateur draft. The draft order will be:

1. Hartford (50 wins as Denver)
2. Cleveland (52 wins as Covington)
3. Danville (54)
4. Houston (55)
5. New York (80)
6. Hickory (82, won coin toss)
7. Walla Walla (82, lost coin toss)
8. Saskatoon (83)
9. Brooklyn (91)
10. Los Angeles (99)
11. River Cities (119, lost Cecil Cup)
12. Seattle (125, won Cecil Cup)

According to my research (bonus points: which TV character often says that phrase?), the following draft picks have been traded so far (with the game date of the trade):

Round 1:
3. Danville -> Seattle (4/1/2011)
7. Walla Walla -> River Cities (6/10/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Saskatoon (5/13/2011)

Round 2:
5. New York -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)
8. Saskatoon -> River Cities (7/22/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)

Round 3:
3. Danville -> Seattle (4/29/2011)
8. Saskatoon -> Los Angeles (5/13/2011)
11. River Cities -> Saskatoon (7/22/2011)

Round 4:
2. Cleveland -> Houston (7/22/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Cleveland (5/13/2011)

Round 5:
6. Hickory -> Houston (5/27/2011)
10. Los Angeles -> Seattle (5/13/2011)

Round 6:
12. Seattle -> Walla Walla (7/8/2011)

Round 7:
12. Seattle -> Danville (7/22/2011)

Round 11:
12. Seattle -> Los Angeles (4/29/2011)

Please let me know if I missed any trades. Thanks.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Coach Signings: Day 1

Cleveland: Scout John Rothe, $350,000 per year, for 1 year.
Cleveland: Minors Manager Ernest Morissette, $475,000 per year, for 2 years.

Houston: Scout Mark Fortunato, $425,000 per year, for 5 years.
Houston: Minors Manager Alfred Jackson, $695,000 per year, for 5 years.

Los Angeles: Scout David Raub, $300,000 per year, for 3 years.
Los Angeles: Pitching Coach Kenneth Hughes, $3,500,000 per year, for 3 years.

New York : Minors Manager Shad Baisden, $700,000 per year, for 4 years.

Saskatoon: Minors Manager Gabriel Brown, $3,500,000 per year, for 2 years.
Saskatoon: Scout Cliff Teel, $320,000 per year, for 2 years.
Saskatoon: Minors Manager Bill Moody, $3,700,000 per year, for 2 years.

Walla Walla: Pitching Coach Richard Welch, $1,600,000 per year, for 2 years.
Walla Walla: Minors Manager Michael Marcell, $1,000,000 per year, for 2 years.
Walla Walla: Minors Manager Kenneth Hinnant, $1,200,000 per year, for 4 years.
Walla Walla: Hitting Coach David Vess, $1,800,000 per year, for 3 years.

Day 2 Monday Night. Please note that I did *not* update the league file, nor will I until the coach signing period is complete.

Available Coaches


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Come to Seattle for All Your Off-Season Purchases

The Seattle Monarchs are, once again, open for business to help you fill all of your player acquisition needs.

Why, take this testimonial (imagined) from a satisfied buyer:

"I picked up a reliever from Mack last year to be my closer. He went on to save 27 games for me and picked up five wins. He was everything I expected."

Or this (also imagined) testimonial:

"I had to get rid of an outfielder before he left in free agency. In return, Mack gave me a collection of talent that included an outfielder who hit 33 home runs and won a Slick Fielding award and a catcher who hit .295 and stole 45 bases!"

Yes, come to Seattle for all your trading needs. Remember, we give quality to get quality. (Unlike that Brand X guy over there, who tries to rob you blind.)

So, what's on Seattle's list of available talent this year? Well, just look!

Catchers. Oh, have we got catchers.

How about Waylon Blassingame. He's won three consecutive Slick Fielding awards. He was in charge of the pitching staff that posted the lowest ERA ever. But wait, there's more! He's also the defending batting champion, hitting .350 last year. He must cost too much in salary, you protest? No, sir! Waylon has a friendly salary of $2.75 million for next year. How can you pass up this All-Star, Cup-winning beast?

If you're looking for something a little more on the budget scale, perhaps as a platoon partner, I've also got Alvin Medina. Just look at those ratings against lefties! He's no world beater, but he's can be a sold backup with an attractive salary.

Finally, there's the new kid on the block who took the baseball world by storm. Straight out of the California Penal League, it's Stanley Raabe. He's got an odd backstory in that he's able to play catcher and has a 6 arm and 2.5 stars at that position, but it doesn't show up with a fielding range or rating. Nonetheless, he played 132 innings behind the plate for me this year, starting 15 games, and posted fielding numbers nearly equal to that of Blassingame. Oh, he's also a very solid hitter, posting a .958 OPS in AAA and a .753 OPS in the majors. With a league minimum salary, he's a favorite of the cost-conscious.

Infielders. It's a limited supply in the infield this year at Mack's Mega-Mart.

But, you can grab second baseman Francis Armendariz in the right deal. He hit .290 with 16 home runs, 79 RBI, and 75 runs scored from the eighth spot in the line-up last year. He's also as good as it gets defensively, with a perfect "10" range at second. Following the John "Who Needs the Minor Leagues" Olerud career path, he's got two more years of arbitration ahead of him and is entering his prime right now.

Outfielders. Well, there is a fabulous opportunity here for the team that thinks boldly. I have four starting outfielders. Unfortunately, Zev said that I couldn't start all of them at the same time and use one as a "designated hitter" for my pitchers. While I'm not dying to move anyone, there are two players potentially available who would make any team better.

Super-Sub Lonnie Machen can be had for the right package. He's got an 80 contact rating and solid ratings in the other categories as well. He hit .378 over 251 at bats last year as a pinch hitter and spot starter. He's got a career .329 batting average and .840 OPS, which fits well with any team. He's just entering his first year of arbitration this year and is only 27, so his prime years are available cheaply. He plays all three outfield spots and is solid at first base as well. He's pretty great, which is why if he stays on the roster I might be willing to deal ...

Centerfielder Sean Arant. What can be said about him? Career .397 OBP and .857 OPS. Stole 159 bases over the last two years. Holds the Adams League record with 140 runs scored in 2010. Has won SIX Cecil Cups. Has a perfect "10" rating in outfield arm. He's a superstar. He had an off year last year and still posted an OPS near .800, including a .989 in September/October.

Unfortunately, neither Machen nor Arant will come cheap, so bring a good offer if you come knocking.

Pitching. There's some quality here too.

Allen Rueter is available. A 3.5 star prospect who will post big strikeout numbers in his career, he had a successful major league introduction last year as he put up a 4.19 ERA in 38 2/3 innings. In his only start, against second-place Brooklyn, he went seven innings giving up four hits and two runs while walking none and striking out six. He can be your star for the right price.

I could also be pursuaded to move one of my relievers. The best available reliever is Willie Sewell, who has a career 3.26 ERA and has thrown at least 89 innings in each of the last six years with the Monarchs. He's got two years left on his contract at a very reasonable $2.1 million. An untapped talent, Sewell could likely be a top-flight closer if given the chance.

I'm also willing to listen to offers for my prodigal trio of young arms, Merlin Bohon, Wesley Elton, and Michael Toyoharu, but it might take a lot to make me give up their combination of talent, production, and ... well ... cheapness.

What, oh what, could Mack possibly be looking for in return? Well, I need some backup infielders beyond Carlos "The Dominican God of Walks" Santoyo. I would also need a backup outfielder if I trade Machen or Arant. Otherwise, prospects or draft picks would be sought.

So, if you like what you see on the menu, drop me a line. Heck, if you want someone else on my roster, don't be afraid to ask about that too.

Welcome to 2012!

Day 1 of Coach Signings on Saturday night. Please have your offers to me by Saturday night.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Denver Owner

Hi guys, I am the new Denver owner. A little about name is Mark and I live in Connecticut. I have owned and played OOTP since about version 3. I ran a league for a few years, it lasted almost 25 OOTP seasons. In that league I won 3 titles and a few league titles as well, but that was mostly off a lucky initial dispersion draft. I'll do my best to bring the Denver team to respectibility.

Actually, the first step in that process is to relocate. We are moving clear across the country to the state of Connecticut. The team will now be known as The Hartford Hitmen. We are being funded by the large gaming conglomerate in our state and across the country and our minor league teams will all be based at gaming establishments. AAA team: Ledyard (CT) Foxes; AA team: Atlantic City Snake Eyes; A team: Las Vegas Croupiers

Looking forward to competing (in a couple seasons I hope).

League Opening

I spoke with the Denver owner and he is unable to continue participating in the league. That means that we have an opening.

I've posted the opening on the SDMB. For those of you who are still members, please look at the thread and help to answer any questions that may come up.



Commissioner's Award for League Participation

Now that the 2011 season is over, it's time to hand out the annual Commissioner's Award for League Participation. This is the award that goes to the owner(s) who participate the most by sending in weekly updates on their team.

This year's awards go to Los Angeles, Seattle and River Cities, all of whom had perfect records for the season.

The complete totals are in the table below:


14 Los Angeles
14 River Cities
14 Seattle
12 New York
12 Saskatoon
11 Covington
11 Houston
11 Walla Walla
9 Hickory
8 Danville
3 Denver

Overall, participation was excellent -- over 77%! Congrats to the winners and to the league as a whole for a great season!


Monday, March 03, 2008

2011 Awards

The 2011 Awards Are Here:

Outstanding Batter:

Adams: Dong Lutz, Hickory. -- .318/38/120/1.029 OPS
Zotti: John Hukill, River Cities -- .325/48/130/1.095 OPS/ 25 SB

Outstanding Pitcher:

Adams: Chad Nelligan, Seattle -- 28-3, 1.82, 0.94 WHIP, 213K (second consecutive award)
Zotti: Juan Villatoro, River Cities -- 20-4, 2.28, 0.96 WHIP, 216K (second consecutive award)

Outstanding Newcomer:

Adams: Thomas Geter, Houston -- .261/6/56/.676 OPS
Zotti: Chester Cohen, New York -- .296/28/93/.857 OPS

Slick Fielders:

Pitcher: Albert Garcia (SEA) -- 3rd award
Catcher: Waylon Blassingame (SEA) -- 3rd consecutive award
First Base: Reuben Caufield (DEN)
Second Base: Winston Satterlee (SAS)
Third Base: Eugene Alustiza (SEA)
Shortstop: Chet Edwards (HOU) -- 4th consecutive award
Leftfield: Josias Juarez (DEN)
Centerfield: Kenneth Philpot (HOU)
Rightfield: Hal Pires (HOU) -- 2nd consecutive award

Pitcher: Dominic Hall (COV)
Catcher: Joan Hinkel (RIV)
First Base: Russell Powell (COV) -- 3rd consecutive award
Second Base: Duane Gerhardt (LA)
Third Base: Ronald Quijada (RIV)
Shortstop: Bill Mastrangelo (DAN)
Leftfield: Franklin Jackson (DAN)
Centerfield: Richard Songer (WAL) -- 3rd consecutive award
Rightfield: Paul Shunk (LA) -- 2nd award, first at RF

Congratulations to the winners!

(Personally, I think Bill Olesen [11-5, 3.48, 1.37 WHIP] was robbed of the Adams Newcomer award.)


Seattle Three-Peats

Seattle capped off a fantastic season and captured their third consecutive Cecil Cup with a 9-6 victory over River Cities.

We'll proceed to the next season on Wednesday night. Please have your final offers to your potential free agents in by then. I'll have the front page (finally!!) updated by then.

Box Log


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