Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sim 9: Who uploaded?

River Cities
New York
Los Angeles
Walla Walla

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Los Angeles keeps on dealing

Proud Mary keep on rolling, Los Angeles keep on dealing...

Los Angeles sends single A OF Howard Bergeron and a 9th round pick in 2013 to rival River Cities for C Joan Hinkel.

"We needed a catcher," Weintraub shrugged. "And Nate answered the phone first. Since we traded away Barrera today, I needed someone to go behind the plate. Joan will do a good job, I think."

Is that it for Los Angeles? Time will tell...

Los Angeles / Saskatoon trade

The bleeding of talent from southern California continues in the frentic hours leading to the 2012 trade deadline! This morning, Los Angeles GM Michael Weintraub announced a deal with the Saskatoon Amigos. Heading up to the Canadian prairie is All Star catcher Carlos Barrera, returning to the team that traded him to Los Angeles barely a season ago.

"It's sad to see these players leave," Weintraub stated from his seaside office at the Scorpion Pit. "But, we're building for the future. Between this trade, and the deal with New York, we now have six picks in the first two rounds next season. The infusion of talent we'll be getting is incredible."

Heading to Los Angeles's A-level team on the distant planet of Caprica is 1B Santiago Delrosario, a 2011 1st round pick who has posted an 859 OPS thus far this year. Los Angeles also received Saskatoon's 2nd round pick next season.

"There's still some time before the clock strikes midnight," Weintraub stated as he watched the sun set for the last time before the trading season ended. "We're still in discussions with at least one other owner about making the future even brighter here in the city by the sea."

NY - LA trade

Or, the Gothams get a decent closer.

Don't have time for a detailed post, but New York is happy to announce the acquisition of 4 time All-World closer Junior Cuomo from Los Angeles.

He comes at a hefty price, as Los Angeles gets two of New York's top prospects, in Marvin Heilman and Federico Soriano, as well as minor league catcher James Johnstone and New York's 2nd round pick in 2013.

New York also receives $1.5 in cash.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New ideas for next season?

Zev and I had a brief chat today about making some changes to the league structure for next season, and he suggested I post my ideas to the group for discussion. There are no promises that anything will be adopted, but we'll see what happens.

Idea 1: Interleague play -- Despite all the trash talk, I'm personally not in much of a hurry to have the two leagues intermingle, but I know that some owners will want this.

Idea 2: More playoff teams -- This I'm very much in favor of doing. Either via splitting each league into two divisions, or adding a wild card spot for the 2nd place team in each league. While we probably don't have enough teams to have four divisions, I think I'd prefer to have four three-team divisions than have a wild card. (Call it the baseball purist in me.)

Idea 3: Re-alignment -- Perhaps do it geographically, or randomly, or via a pre-determined method (i.e., the 2nd, 4th, and last place teams in each league are swapped after this season). I just thought of this idea, and think it might be fun.

Idea 4: Salary cap -- Not the best idea, I know, but maybe we can self-impose a luxury tax (I'm not sure if this is possible in OOTP6.5, or even feasible). But, an equalization of the league finances wouldn't be a bad thing.

So, feel free to discuss, or offer any suggestions of your own. Let's make this the best league we can!

OOTP 9 First Impressions?

Out of the Park Baseball 9 was released this past week. I remember several people saying that they pre-ordered it. Any first impressions?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2013 traded draft picks

Guys, here's the list (as I have) of the traded draft picks for 2013. Please let me know if I need to make any corrections:

1st round:
2nd round:
3rd round:
4th round:
5th round:
6th round:

7th round:

8th round:
9th round:

10th round:

11th round:

They have been dealt with!!!

Traitors will not be tolerated. A deal had to be made.

Trade between Houston and New York :

New York gets :
3B Herman Gossard
P Gene Brobst
LF Kenneth McGlone
RF Jose Martinez
P Balta Riojas

Houston gets :
P Harry Johnson
1B Preston Giorgi
1st round draft pick
8th round draft pick

Herman Gossard congratulating Thomas Geter or is all Star selection was the last straw. How dare a career .300 hitter congratulate last years rookie of the year's Adams Rookie of the year for his selection when he has never been selected. Envy and hate should have filled his heart. The Piggy will let go that Geter thank Gossard in helping become a better catcher. The Piggy fells Geter should hate Gossard because he was trade in 2007 to make room for Gossard. There should not be any of the the move helped me become a better player crap.

I hope Mr. Johnson and Giorgi will get with the Dillo Deally-o

Thank is all

Sim 8: Who uploaded?

River Cities
New York
Los Angeles
Walla Walla

Please note that the trading deadline is in the next sim, so get those trades going.

Also, a thank you to Mack for updating the Award Histories Page. Thanks Mack!


Friday, June 13, 2008

He is not amused

The Piggy does not enjoy traitors. If you would like one among these heathens you must take them all. Would like a 1st round pick and middle relief, but other offers will be looked at.

Herman Gossard, Third Base (Catcher Too)
Gene Brobst, Starting Pitcher
Kenneth McGlone, Leftfield
Jose Martinez, Rightfield
Balta Riojas, Starting Pitcher

That is all

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sim 7: Who uploaded?

River Cities
Los Angeles
New York

Friday, June 06, 2008

Saskatoon-Cleveland swap

Saskatoon (CP)

The Saskatoon Amigos bolstered their bullpen Friday, picking up closer Curtis Barksdale from Cleveland in exchange for outfield prospect Ariel Gutierrez.

The deal is a homecoming of sorts for Barksdale, 28, who was drafted by Saskatoon in the 50th round of the 2002 draft. He was a Zotti League all-star as a rookie in 2011 and has 12 saves so far this year.

Barksdale will share the set-up duties for Amigos' closer Teodoro Amaral, said Saskatoon GM Trevor Pritchard.

"We're happy to bring one of the original Amigos back into the fold," said Pritchard.

"With (current set-up man Glenn) Harvell we've now got a potent one-two punch before Amaral gets into the game."

Coincidentally, Harvell was picked up by Saskatoon from the Seattle Monarchs in 2009 in a deal involving Barksdale.

Unnamed sources say that the Amigos may be looking to move Amaral, a potential free agent who has 15 saves and a 2.83 ERA in 36 games this season.

Gutierrez was hitting .327 with single-A Tisdale before Friday's deal.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Los Angeles / Hickory trade

Continuing the good relations forged by the offseason Shunk/Cohen, et al. trade, the GMs for Los Angeles Scorpions and Hickory Huskers are proud to announce another trade of a Scorps superstar to the Adams League challenger.

Heading to the prairie is strikeout maestro Johnny Cowherd, a solid setup reliever who may step into the closer's role with the 2nd place Huskers. The Scorpions receive 2B prospect Roberto Ferrer and a 4th round pick in the 2013 draft.

"Yes, we are," LA owner/GM Michael Weintraub affirmed when asked if the team was undergoing a fire sale. "I can't deny that the past ten seasons haven't been productive and rewarding, but now our time is over. It's time to plan for the next ten."

Recent trades involving Luis Jeon and Duane Gerhardt have both brought younger prospects and high draft picks, and Weintraub hopes the trend continues.

"We have plenty of good players still available for trade, like catcher Carlos Barrera (on his way to his fifth All Star appearance), two-time All World shortstop Ricky Peppers, versatile infielder Robert Young, consistent 3.00 ERA starter Jeffrey Shuttleworth, and, of course, the best pitcher in the game, closer Junior Cuomo."

Weintraub rattled off a few more names, but it's clear his mind was elsewhere. "Anyway," he finished. "The other owners know how to reach me if they want to make a deal. Until then, I'll be sitting on the beach here, waiting for my iPhone to ring, and sipping margaritas until Mexico runs out of tequila!"

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sim 6: The "Seattle is perfect sim" Who uploaded?

River Cities
Los Angeles
New York

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Career Accomplishments

I saw some things of interest when I was glancing at the Career Leaderboard today.

On June 2, Michael Fay became the first player in league history to steal 500 bases. Fay also picked up his 300th double on June 4, only the fifth person to reach that mark. Fay also scored his 1,000th run on May 21, the second person to crest that plateau. Sure, 99.9% of his stats came playing for Saskatoon, but he's hit these significant milestones as a Monarch!

On May 18, Gregory Mudge became the third player in league history to hit 300 home runs. He should soon pass John Redman and move into second all-time on the home run list. On May 5, Mudge also became the eighth person to accumulate 1,500 hits. Mudge is also 31 RBI away from becoming the second hitter to reach 1,000.

Anything on the career leaderboard catch your eye?

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