Wednesday, May 06, 2009

April I: Who uploaded?

Los Angeles
New York
River Cities

Next sim, next Wednesday.

I know it is going to be short lived, I do not have the pitching to keep this up, but it is nice to have an above .500 sim and to be tied for the lead in the Wild Card.

The next sim will be the great equalizer for me.

I would also like to welcome in the real John Grondin to the league. 1.117 OPS through the first 2 weeks of the season with a projected VORP of 113.1. Keep it up sir.
Hard to believe I held River Cities without a run for the first 22 innings of the season.

And, that was all that was good about this sim.
And Maui's off to a rip roaring start, with a team batting average of .190.

Yes, .190.
More fun with small sample sizes:

Alan Callahan has 4 HR ... and 5 RBI.

I played 10 games against River Cities in the sim ... and three against the rest of the league (aka, New York). Fortunately, after we start the next sim with two more against RC, Los Angeles only plays River Cities three more times until June.

Well, I can't exactly say that 9-4 is bad after losing the first three games in rather humiliating fashion. I'm glad I was able to come back so strong.

No questions answered this sim on me. Though I'll be glad to get Palacio back after the next sim. I'm once again stuck in that weird zone where a 15-day DL trip means he's out for 28 days.
Ooh, that sucked. Mudge and now Mendonca in the span of two sims, and I go from reasonable chance at Wild Card to reasonable chance at last place.

Too late to change my vote regarding the injury level ;-)
Tied for first place. First in the league in runs scored. First in the league in ERA. Most importantly, no more injuries. Can't ask for much more than that.

Well, it would be nice if I could resign Lutz. Did he really HAVE to get off to a hot start this year?
Trade him to me.
If you don't want to trade him to Nate, I'll take him off your hands.
Make an offer.
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