Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hickory Shopping RF Maclin

After being rebuffed in efforts to deal solid but unspectacular outfielders Alva Mendonca and Lonnie Machen, Hickory has begun quietly shopping outfielder Lowell Maclin, sources indicate. The left-handed Maclin, 30, had his best season in 2013, hitting .355, with an on base percentage of .429 (good for fourth and eight in the league, respectively), and a slugging percentage of .456. 

When questioned regarding whether trade rumors might affect Maclin's performance if he remains in Hickory, Husker GM Frank Ferrara replied, "We don't expect that they will. Lowell is a consummate professional and understands the reality of the modern game. Also, as a purely imaginary construct built of electrons and named by a random generator, he does not tend toward strong emotional responses to stress."

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Hickory front office at before the conclusion of the ongoing amateur draft.

Shunk, maybe. But I have a more than adequate right fielder in Valdes.
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