Thursday, April 30, 2009

Week 3 of Spring Training is Done...

... and Seattle didn't lose anyone. I guess the bubble-wrap and the KFC chicken sacrifice worked.

The next sim (Saturday night) will finish off Spring Training and take us to Opening Day.


Man, this spring has been brutal. Frison (Saskatoon) and Mudge (Hickory) both are out for the season. I guess that's karmic payback to Mack.
I just think it sucks some of the fun out of it, even though they aren't my players (yet).
Yeah. Ow. Even if it wasn't for the season I lost

Miller 1-2 weeks (dead arm)
Palacio 3 weeks (hyperextended elbow)
Blassingame - 2 weeks (blurred vision)

By total count I see 20 injuries since spring training began. Heck, Walla Walla's awesome closer James Fleitas has been injured twice!
Actually, Mudge being out for the season disappoints me more than the players I lost who are actually still on my roster and for completely irrational reasons. I really want him to catch and pass Powell for the career home run lead. I know he probably won't hold the title for long, as players like Valdes, Hukill, and Peppers pass him, but I really wanted him to be #1 for a while. Losing a full season, at age 34, is a big blow to that.

I also hate that our league lost Frison for the season. That completely sucks. Even though he regularly hits the crap out of the ball against me, watching him pile up gaudy 1.000+ OPS seasons is awesome.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Injuries may be realistic, but they're no damn fun.
I repeat, then: where are they set?
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