Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring training sim 2 done

Zev had me pinch hit tonight and I ran the sim. I also processed the Maui/Walla Walla trade and we're now at March 16, 2014.

Bad news continues for Mack: Seattle's star OF Armando Cedeno strained his rotator cuff throwing a ball in a game and is out for eight weeks. I bet Mack is starting to regret trading Sean Arant back to me.

Saskatoon also had a player get dinged up, but it's not as serious. Reggie Perez will be out for two weeks due to a torn thigh muscle.

The league file is up. Zev's got the next sim, on Thursday night. We'll cover week three of spring training and see whom Mack loses next! Stay tuned!

I guess I mislabeled my voodoo dolls - that was supposed to be Hukill and Valdes!
It'll definitely make the Adams League more interesting this season.
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So, it seems like the game doesn't want the Monarchs to win One for the Thumb.

We shall overcome!
Not before I do. I have Sean Arant again, now, too, so remember that he's a Professional Winner.
Anyone else having trouble uploading changes? I can't connect to the website.
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