Monday, April 20, 2009

Round 4 Done. Round 5 Tomorrow Night

Let's try to make this a bit easier.

I will proceed to finish the draft tomorrow night if one of the following two things happen:

1.  The majority of owners say to finish it.

2.  No one sends me a list.  :)

If you want to send a list for Round 5, please send it before tomorrow night.


I am fine with automating the remainder of the draft.
Me, too. Could have done it since round two for me.
Finish it!

Or, rather, yeah, I'll take my chances with half-star MR that my scout finds for me.
Agreed. Sim it out.
Another vote for finishing.
Did we ever figure out what happened to the Rule 5 draft?
I think the phrase is from Mortal Combat "Finish Him" except instead of 'Him' you should put 'The Draft'
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