Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Spring Training Sim Done

The second week of ST will be done on Tuesday night.


Ow! Mack, my sympathies!
Well, everyone knows my feelings about injuries in OOTP and the injury frequency in OOTP 9, so I won't belabor the point.

Life goes on in Seattle. I would try to make a deal with my excess of pitching, but I suspect it may be more prudent to wait until the end of Spring Training and see what else happens.
I have not been a me to download yet. What happened?
Mack lost Paul Guerrero for 8 months. That smarts.
On the plus side, in the distant past, I taught Bill Bivens to play LF. Not well, but he can play it.

So, the Monarchs have an internal solution. No remaining position player depth now, but at least I have a replacement.

Also, while I certainly don't think anyone should be shedding tears for me, I think everyone can agree that it sucks for the league as a whole to have the top hitting prospect go down with a season-ending, and probably potential-wrecking, injury.
Yeah, when Marzano went down with an injury like that it was two mortal years before he was back up to speed.

Discussion: where is the injury bug set in the SDMB league? I've never looked.
I have 40-some million reasons for Alan Callahan to bounce back from injury. I also have two relievers scheduled to return in May or so, as well.
Yep, Injuries suck, but it is always said when trying to trade my young guns that nothing is a sure thing, and one of the things that could stop that is an injury. I hope that he comes back quickly for you Mack, but one major injury (over 2 weeks) in the first week for the entire league is not that bad and we will see how this progresses for the rest of Spring Training.
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