Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Round done

As someone who is privy to all choices, I feel that it's only fair to share this with the rest of the league -- there must be a WIDE divergence of opinions among scouts in the league, as I saw owners select players whom my scout predicted to be career minor leaguers. Likewise, I'm sure some of you are going to look at my selection and say "He picked Heida when X was available?!"

Furthermore, in previous versions of the game, most owners would submit similar (if not identical) draft lists. Yeah, they may switched a guy or two, but there was a high degree of similarity between the lists. In this year's first round, I got vastly different lists from different owners -- no two lists were very similar -- further leading me to believe that the opinions of scouts in this league are not consistent at all. I'm really curious as to who's scout is right (if any)...

First round choices:

Maui: 2B Fransisco Perez
Cleveland: C Bill Miller
Walla Walla: 1B Lindsay Walker
River Cities: 2B Anthony Lysons
Houston: SP Eric Rogers
Los Angeles: 2B Lawrence Richardson
Hickory: CF Mario Lopez
Saskatoon: CF Wayne Frederick
Brooklyn: SP Kenshin Heida
River Cities: C Gabriel Feliciano
New York: 2B Wes Harris
Hickory: MR Forest Powell

Round 2 on Monday night
Round 3 on Thursday night


I kinda figured this was the case that all of our scouts had different guys high on their list when none of the guys my scout liked were on the OSA top 10 list. Looks like this can still be interesting going forward.
The thing to remember is that each scout has both skill points for a bunch of different things but also some favor tools, some favor stats, and so forth. So each scout will be very different in how they evaluate talent.

Still, I'm happy with the two first rounders I got. It could be worse, at least.
Yep, and it probably also depends how much you put in your budget for amateur scouting.

I also want to note that the C that I drafted with my pick is already 'Well Known' both locally and nationally, and he is the 3rd most popular player on my team :)
But how hard is that?

Although I'll be interested to see if first round picks come with enhanced popularity.
Yeah, I would said it is just because no one on my team is liked except Thomas, but he is popular nationally too which surprised me.
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