Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sim 14: ... and the winner of the Zotti League is ...

River Cities won the ZL regular season title with a convincing 11-3 victory over New York. River Cities won the honor of having home-field advantage in the ZL Championship series, which will pit these two teams against each other.

Game one of the ZL and AL Championship series will be simmed on Monday night. The current league date is 10/7, one day before the start of the series because a few of the remaining teams have more than 25 players on their active rosters.

So, Zev, Mack, Nate, and Paul: Congratulations for making it this far, and good luck. Please upload your rosters by Monday evening and I'll run the sim around 9pm EST/6pm PST.

The league file is now up.

Why the hell did one of my middle relievers start the game? What the hell is my manager thinking? Not that it didn't work...but I'm dragging his ass out to the woodshed on this one.

Still, I'm glad it worked out as it did. Now for another best-of-seven with New York and let's move on!

Welcome to the playoffs to Brooklyn and New York. Let's make our inaugural wild card season a great success.

By beating Mack, of course.
.. and River Cities.
Let's not be all crazy, here. This is just a test. One stress test is sufficient for a first time.
I haven't looked at other teams much this year. The starting line-up for the Brooklyn Bombers is really very good.

I'm even more convinced the Monarchs are falling.
You could just concede, Mack.

It's the gentlemanly thing to do. I think I saw it once in a play by Oscar Wilde.
The starting line-up for the Brooklyn Bombers is really very good.

That may or may not be true (I lean toward the latter, but we'll let it stand at the moment), but have you compared the rotations? And let's not forget that in a short series, pitching is king.

Delvalle 15-13, 4.03
Albarado 9-5, 3.19
Lakey 3-8, 6.54
Reimers 0-2, 6.75


Nelligan 12-2, 3.21
Placencia 19-2, 3.35
Hester 20-4, 2.88
Matthias 15-3, 3.66

I wouldn't sweat it too much, Mack. Just consider us a workout for when you have to face Nate or Paul.

I've updated.
I'm not too hopeful... I'm down two starting position players from where I should be, although neither are my starts (Rubio in LF, Turek/Reyes at 2B). I'm counting on two rookies to make some contributions in the playoffs in Alcazar and Campion.
Nate's lineup is clearly better than mine, the only position I have a clear advantage at is Catcher, perhaps slightly at CF.
Nate's got a big edge at 1B, 3B, SS and LF. I'd call us even at 2B and RF.

In the rotation we're close, but Scull is better than my #2. At the other spots I'd call it a draw.

It's close, but I'd say my bullpen is better than Nate's.

So, while anything can happen in a short series, I'd say Nate has the advantage. Starting pitching, as always, should be the key.
Let's get it on. I am ready to see how this wild card affects the playoffs in the league. It did make the regular season a bit more interesting, and I think it is much better that the great season that Paul had did not go for not as he would have been left out by losing the one game playoff in the old system.

I think it would also be fun to have the bottom 4 team face off to in a loser's series. We can see who the king of the futile would be, and it would elongate my season for once :)
I love the European-style relegation and wish North American leagues (baseball, hockey) would do so. It'll never happen the way the leagues are setup here with farm teams, but it's such a fun concept.
I told my wife this weekend that she had to be prepared to start living again with the emotional roller coaster of the SDMB OOTP playoffs.

She just rolled her eyes at me and went back to her life. It's like she doesn't understand how important this really is. (laugh)
Sounds familiar, Mack.

Maybe she and Eileen could form a support or mockery group or something.
At this point, it seems appropriate to mention that my wife refers to my fantasy sports leagues as the "League of Dorks," and to my OOTP leagues as the "Super League of Dorks." Her reasoning is that the OOTP players and games are fake, so it's even worse than fantasy sports. I've tried to persuade her otherwise without success. She's too smart for that.

A little bit of good news for Maui - I managed to sign a rookie reliever in the last sim. My scout loves him, and gives him 10-10-10 potential ratings. Of course, my scout is terrible...
So I said something to my blow up doll about the upcoming playoffs that I am excited to see even though I am not a part of them. She just looked back at me with that surprised look on her face. I'll take that as a vote of approval.
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