Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seattle wraps it up!

The Seattle Monarchs have made SDMB OOTP League History by capturing their fourth Cecil Cup in a close 2-1 victory.

The Monarchs jumped out to an early lead in the first when Duane Gerhart reached first on an error, stole second, stole third and then scored when the next hitter Eugene Alustiza scratched out an infield hit. They added another run in the fifth on a Chad Nelligan sac fly.

But New York wasn't going to go down with a fight. After being held scoreless through eight, the Gothams came to bat against Seattle closer Timothy Vallejo, who always makes every ending interesting. After retiring the first batter, Vallejo gave up a double to Marcus Alcazar. A Dion Melendez single brought him home, making it a 2-1 game. Richard Campion hit a sac fly to move Melendez to third. Then, with the tying run only 90 feet away, Vallejo went to work on pinch hitter Robert Pink.

Pink fouled the first pitch off behind the plate, but that was the last swing that any hitter would make in the 2013 season. Pink stood with the bat on his shoulders as Vallejo sailed two more strikes by him to end the game and secure the Cup for the Monarchs.

Congrats to Mack on a season well played!!!

Michael and I will work out a schedule for the off-season and we'll publish it shortly.


Congratulations, Mack, and welcome to the Four Cups Club. It's been lonely in here, but I am glad to induct my friend in the club.

And, for you Paul... well, you tried. The Zotti League shall share your shame for the next season.
Congrats to Paul on a season and series well played. And the same to Zev and Nate for their playoff runs.

I think the Wild Card was a great success this year and I'm glad we brought it into the league.

And Nate, I'll be expecting the return of My Precious to its rightful owner any day now. :)
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Hey, it's My Precious. You stoles it from us!

So, Nate, send it out here to LA. I'll keep it safe. We promises. It lies, and tries to steal my precious.
Hey, all of us losers played well too! We just happened to suck far, far more than some of you.

Congratulations, Mack. Free drinks for you at the next poker night. Oh, wait.
Who you callin a loser :) OK, I am a loser, but enough about me let's talk about the league and my team.

Mack, Congrats on another championship and getting the Cecil Cub back to the Adams League (but you will not keep it for long).

I for one am ready for 2014 and finishing with less than 100 loses...bring it on!!!!
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