Thursday, March 05, 2009

LCS Game 4 -- All tied up

Baseball madness in the Big Apple continues, but one visitor emerged victorious in game 4.

Seattle suddenly remembered how good they are and won a close 8-7 game over Brooklyn. They stormed out to an 8-0 lead before Brooklyn chipped that lead down to just one in the ninth inning. Stud 1B Luis Jeon couldn't deliver with the tying and winning runs on, and flew out to left field to end the game. Still, despite Seattle's tying up of the series, momentum may remain on the Brooklyn side, as we'll find out in game 5.

Over in the Zotti League, the home Gothams scored four runs off Juan Villatoro in the bottom of the first (off back-to-back home runs by Cohen and Bilbrey) and never looked back, winning 8-1. That series is also tied at 2, with both teams winning their two home games.

The league file is up. Game five will be simmed late Friday evening (probably about midnight PST, or 3am for you schlubs on the east coast). Game six will be simmed on Sunday, at a time to be determined.

Well, starting Orozco worked out pretty good for me!
Six hits off of Villatoro - four of them homeruns. Pitching is definitely not king in this series.
Thank goodness something (kind of) went the way I expected it to in this series.

At this point, both series are a coin flip, in my opinion. Gotta love playoff baseball!
I always found it interesting how you lose the home field advantage in a seven game series by playing .500 ball.

Mack started with the advantage and then split the first two. This turned the series into a best of five where I have three home games. Now that we've split the next two, he has the advantage again as it's now a best of three with two games in Seattle.

Like Mack said, gotta love playoff baseball.

Nate reports that he has trouble downloading the league file. Does anyone else?

I'm going to delay game 5 until further notice until I can get him a good league file. Since I won't be home after work this evening, I'll re-upload the league file late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Due to Zev's observance of the shabbot, it looks like game five is delayed until Sunday night.

I'll post a new entry when a new league file is up. For now, disregard last night's league file, if you were able to download it.
I had no problems downloading / uploading.
It's not so much trouble downloading as trouble opening the file. It appears to be a known bug and I hope Michael and I can have a fix in place shortly.
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