Tuesday, March 03, 2009

LCS Game 2

Brooklyn ties it up! River Cities is halfway to the Cup!

The Adams League championship is all tied at one win apiece after Brooklyn took back home field advantage in a 6-4 win over Seattle. Meanwhile, in the Zotti League, River Cities took control of its series with a 7-4 victory over New York.

Will Brooklyn sieze upon its new momentum as the series moves east? And, with the excitement in the city doubled as the Gothams return home, can they catch the defending champs?

Time will tell, as game 3 will be simmed on Wednesday night. I've simmed the travel day, and the league file is up, so we're all set to go.

Tension is building as both series head east to The Big Apple. Crosstown baseball playoff action. How can the city cope with that level of excitement?

I'm glad we came through that one. The game wasn't as loose as a 7-4 win would indicate. It was a tight one that just broke open with a bad seventh inning for the Gothams. My team scored those four runs in the seventh with only one hit.

Neither pitcher did a great job with game scores of 49 and 47. Theriault did a great job getting things under control in the seventh, though.

Can't wait to see game three tomorrow night! I want to see if Okane can move things forward for Wooster to finish off.
You've got to be kidding me. Gibson started? I set it to have Placencia start.

Well, so much for my pitching advantage. Son of a *$&^%.
Ah, so *that* explains how I managed to win a game. Now if only we can convince Stoker and Bohon to start the next two. :)
Well, after further review, it appears that the "Clear Lineup after use" feature in the seven-day lineups does not work. I had set my backend starters to start the last few regular season games and apparently the game thought it was so much fun that it would keep doing that.

I'm glad I thought of double-checking that. Otherwise, Brain Thorn was starting Game 3.
Brain Thorn -- best OOTP name ever.
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