Monday, March 02, 2009

LCS Game 1

First: Thank you Time Machine! Your humble junior commissioner made a very junior commissioner mistake and accidentally simmed two games, and not one. I had to dig into my Time Machine backup to get the league file from two hours beforehand, and then redo the sim, to be fair.

The initial games in the ZL and AL championship series are played. The league file is up.

Who won?

In the Adams League, Seattle stomped Brooklyn 14-0. Just a good, old fashioned, "welcome to the postseason, kid" thrashing that may set the tone for the rest of the ALCS.

Over in the Zotti League, River Cities welcomed New York to the playoff with a nearly-as-convincing 10-5 beat-down.

Games two will be simmed on Tuesday. And, for the rest of us schlubs not fortunate enough to get beaten soundly by Seattle and River Cities, I am importing all team updates, not just the four semi-finalists, so if you have any roster moves, feel free to upload them.

Nice of Matthias to bail me out with seven shutout innings when I stupidly had the game set to start my #4 starting pitcher instead of my aces.
Nice of my hitters to reach third base twice in the game. :)

Wow, did New York pound the living hell out of Egan in Inning seven. I'm glad he escaped with his life.

Don't do that again.
Tonight's sim will either be really early (9pm EST) or really late (2am EST) depending on my plans this evening.

Just a heads up.
I've already updated. Hopefully I can keep Nate under 10 runs tonight.
I'm fine whenever you want to run the sim.
Me, too. Downright impatient, I seem.
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