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2013 OOTP Team Records / History Notes

Lots of offensive records set this year and a lot of fielding lows set this year. I'm not sure what to make of the fielding records, to be honest, as the range appears so different than prior seasons.

1. Hickory became the third team ever to win only 1 game in extra innings (they went 1-6). The 2007 Houston squad remains the only team to go a season without an extra-inning victory.

2. Brooklyn's .833 winning percentage in extra innings (5-1 record) was highest in history. New York's .750 (9-3) and Houston's .714 (10-4) marks were also fourth and tied for sixth highest, respectively. On the other hand, Brooklyn tied 2007 Houston by having only six extra-inning games, fewest in SDMB history.

3. Walla Walla won only 10 one-run games and Danville just 11 last year. Both beat the previous low of 12 one-run wins.

4. New York lost only 7 one-run games, well below the previous low of 14. New York's .816 winning percentage in one-run games (31-7) crushed the previous best of the 2011 Los Angeles squad (40-16, .714).

5. The 64 extra inning games and 233 one-run games in the entire SDMB League were both the lowest ever for the 12-team league. The previous lows were 83 (2009) and 264 (2007), respectively.

Offensive records

6. Highest batting average. Seattle .302 vs. .291 (2011 Seattle). The .293 of River Cities would also have broken the prior record and the .291 of New York would have tied it.

7. Most home runs: River Cities 260 vs. 227 (2011 River Cities). The 228 hit by Seattle also would have broken the record.

8. Most runs scored: Seattle 1016 vs. 965 (2012 River Cities). The 1015 scored by River Cities also would have broken the record.

9. Most hits: Seattle 1733 vs. 1660 (2011 Seattle). River Cities' 1688 and New York's 1679 also would have broken the record.

10. Most doubles: New York 320 vs. 317 (2004 Houston).

11. Most walks: River Cities 723 vs. 694 (2004 Saskatoon).

12. Highest OBP: River Cities .373 vs. .360 (2011 Seattle). Seattle's .370 also would have broken the record.

13. Highest SLG: River Cities .487 vs. .462 (2004 Houston). Seattle's .483 also would have broken the record.

14. Highest OPS: River Cities .860 vs. .819 (2004 Houston, 2011 River Cities). Seattle's .852 also would have broken the record.

Pitching Records

15. Most saves: River Cities 63 vs. 58 (2011 Brooklyn)

16. Most hits allowed: Walla Walla 1679 vs. 1637 (2004 Butte). Los Angeles's 1671 and Saskatoon's 1648 also would have broken the record.

17. Fewest walks allowed: River Cities 308 vs. 335 (2010 Seattle). Seattle's 324 also would have broken the record.

18. Highest BA allowed: Los Angeles .292 vs. .289 (2004 Butte). Walla Walla's .291 also would have broken the record.

Fielding Records

19. Highest BABIP: Walla Walla .337 vs. .308 (2007 Houston). Los Angeles, Brooklyn, River Cities, Seattle, Saskatoon, Hickory, Houston, Maui, and Cleveland all also would have tied or broken the old mark. (Note, I only have reliable data for the 2007-2013 seasons, but my calculations show prior seasons as being much lower than 2013 too.)

20. Fewest assists: Cleveland 1484 vs. 1504 (2010 New York). Saskatoon's 1490 and Los Angeles's 1494 also would have broken the record.

21. Fewest total chances: Hickory 5891 vs. 5939 (2010 New York). Cleveland, Los Angeles, Danville and Saskatoon also would have broken the record.

22. Fewest double plays: New York 84 vs. 103 (2010 New York). River Cities, Los Angeles, and Danville also would have broken the record.

And, finally, a couple random notes:

Obviously, this was the first year ever with a one-game playoff, so River Cities and New York were both the first teams to play 163 game regular seasons. (And, I note, Brian Palazzo played in all 163 games for New York. I think Zev ought to give him a nickname of "Ironman".)

Maui's 54-108 record was the "best" worst record in the SDMB League since Covington earned the first pick with a 55-107 record in 2008. The only other year with a better worse record was 2006, when Walla Walla's 65-97 campaign came in last place.

As always, feel free to ask any questions about any of the above or any team statistics in the comments.

I would be interested to learn whether my team SLG of .372 and OPS of .686 are also records.
Not even close, my dear Matt. The worst offense on those counts was your predecessor team, the 2012 Hartford squad that posted a mighty .293 slugging percentage and a fearsome .560 OPS, leading to a record low 442 runs scored.

Heck, there have been 40 seasons where a team posted a slugging percentage below .372 and 42 seasons with a team OPS below .686.

In 2010, the entire SDMB league combined for a .692 OPS. The 1988 National League, to pick a year and league at random, had a .673 OPS. Heck, the River Cities 2007 squad had a team OPS of .687 and they finished second by a single game that year.

Maui's figures just aren't that low, compared to the league history.
I just realized you may have been asking a different question. Your team's .372 SLG and .686 OPS are records for the highest in the Butte/Denver/Hartford/Maui franchise's history.
And I thought I've moved my franchise around a lot!
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