Friday, January 02, 2009

Sim 5 (June I): Who Uploaded?

Los Angeles
River Cities

Next sim, Next Thursday

Rough patch for me. I think I lost every series except the one against New York. What's up with that?

The Frank Wooster express finally shows some cracks this time, too. He lost him most recent start leaving him at 10-1 on the season with an ERA below 3. I'm anxious to see if he's for real or not.

And what about that wild card fight in the other league? That's going to be a mean one!
Maybe I should miss the sim more often!
No, that's OK. You can still play.

I'm just astounded that, after the sim I had, I'm still tied for first.

Walla Walla: 2-2
Cleveland: 1-3
New York: 2-0 (Thank God)
Los Angeles: 1-2

Were it not for my sweeping Paul in that 2 gamer at home I'd be in second for the first time in a while.
Worth pointing out:
Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
Hickory Huskers: J. Blevins was injured while getting in a fight with his father-in-law. The Diagnosis: bruised cheekbone. This is a day-to-day injury expected to last 2 weeks.

Sure were a lot of injuries this sim!
Whoa! This was the body-bag sim for me. My ace, Cohen, plus two starters on the infield (Grimes and Santoyo) all are heading to the DL.

This is kind of a lost season, I suppose. Time to flip the coin to say "SELLER" instead of "BUYER."
Oh, huh. Looks like we can do manual voting for the All Star game. (First item under the SDMB menu.)

Let's go for it, guys!
I know it's early, but I'm starting to think that injuries are more frequent in 9.0. If this trend continues, it might be worth considering tweaking the settings. I think there is a way to do this.

Injuries are a part of the game, obviously, but if they happen too often, some of the fun is lost.
Hey, his father in law totally deserved it.

On another note, how the heck can I contact you folks for trade discussion? I can't seem to find e-mail addresses for everyone.
I'll send you the list, Frank.
Am I the only one who doesn't see the link to vote for the all-stars?
Oh, that might be a commissioner-only option. Sorry about that, guys.

But, maybe we can have offline voting. It's still nice that there's an option to select the All Star teams, rather than have the system do it automatically.
Can I still vote for Bill Turek?
I didn't see the link for All Star voting either. It must be a commissioner thing, because I recall seeing it when I was running tests for the OEL.

If we want to vote, we'd have to do it before the next sim, because the All-Star teams are set to be announced June 29.
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