Tuesday, December 09, 2008

REAL TRADE: River Cities and Maui make blockbuster!

Date: Putnam Street, Marietta!

Just two weeks into the season and the first huge trade of the year is confirmed! Maui has sent long time River Cities second sacker Timothy Palacio back to the Ohio River in exchange for a package of current and future talent! In return for the world class middle infielder Maui is receiving star prospects Robert Estill, Hugh Fortner, and current River Cities 2b Francis Armandariz.

Palacio, who was traded to the then Saskatoon franchise for Ronald Quijada at the beginning of last season, released this statement through his agent: "I'm glad to have this resolved. The rumors surrounding my trade from Maui have been unnerving. Given the respective state of the two franchises I'm thrilled to be going back to River Cities. I'm just a little frustrated that the year I'm not there they win the ring I've been hoping for. With luck I'll pick one up this year."

Reached for comment at his cabana retreat in Costa Rica, River Cities owner Nate Wooley says "C'mon, I did it as a favor to the guy. Saskatoon to Maui? What's up with that franchise? That sort of climate swing that they could all get the pneumonia or something? Plus, think of that infield now? Marzano, Palacio, Hukill, and Quijada? That's a murderers row around the basepaths."

Sources close to the team HQ informed this reporter that finances were also a large part of the deal. Palacio, locked in for this year and three more at less than $9 million per year, provides security at performance at a reasonable price. Locked in until he's 32 River Cities has a reliable 2B with great offense through his peak years.

Carrying his own bags at Canton-Akron airport prospect Estill said "Well, I was sort of hoping for a promotion. Izzy, my agent, told me I was RIGHT on the cusp of being called up. Now this happens. I hope I get a chance to contribute to the Mashers quickly. Of course, the bikini action in Mauii isn't going to hurt my morale."

Hugh Fortner, living above the Levee House Cafe in Marietta, only commented, "Huh, I'm surprise they remembered I was here. I've been patentiently performing in A-ball for a couple of years now."

I think the River Cities GM might have been overindulging in the mojitos just before getting the call from that reporter, as I'm pretty sure I never owned Palacio (nice as that would have been).
Hey, give Nate a break. At least he posted this trade to the right blog!
It's been a long couple of days. And it'll be longer soon.
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