Monday, August 11, 2008

Wonder What Our League Would Look Like In OOTP9?

Wonder no more...

(Note: I advanced my test league to the next season and went through free agent signings, etc., so you may see some strange players on your team. But don't worry about it, this is only a dummy test, not our real league).


I see Mack and I aren't the only one testing OOTP9. So far, I'm happy with it.
Looks when are we switching over?
I take it that's on a 1-20 scale? I'm not wild about the losses suffered by some of my players in the switch, I admit.
I echo Nate's concerns - some of my guys (including one of my top prospects, Rufus Murry) really got the shaft.

Perhaps if we go to the new system (which I otherwise like, plus it has VORP!) each team could get one or two free "upgrades" to deal with any odd translations.
For what it's worth, my limited experience with OOTP 9 has shown me that there is MUCH more variance in the scouting. Don't assume that just because the ratings look low that they actually are low. The web scout is often very inaccurate.
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