Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who's Really Better?

Michael and I have been arguing by email all off-season about who's doing a better job running their franchises. I've been telling Michael that he should be more competitive with his vast financial resources and that it's embarrassing that he can't get past Nate. Michael thinks I've mismanaged the talent on hand, especially in "that weak Adams League," and that he could coax even more wins out of my squad.

To settle this once and for all, we've decided to swap franchises and we've made clear challenges to see who's better. I'm taking control of Los Angeles and my challenge is to beat Nate for the division title. (Frankly, I'm getting tired of just beating Nate in the Cecil Cup. I want to beat him throughout the season too.)

Meanwhile, Michael's taking control of Seattle and his challenge is to get more than the 125 regular season wins I posted last year.

Obviously, if we both meet our goals, then the Cecil Cup will decide who is the winner of the challenge. This way, we'll know once and for all who is really king of the SDMB OOTP league.

P.S. If you're interested in making deals for some of these Los Angeles loafers, feel free to contact me. I have no sentimental interest in any of them.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

130 wins, here we come! (126 in the regular season, and then 4 in the Cup.)
This was a long time coming, I think. I've been wanting to beat the other Adams League owners (Zev and Mark, particularly) for a long time, and now I'll finally get my chance.
In other news, a mysterious virus has broken out on the West Coast, resulting in anyone from that coast losing all proficiency in playing baseball. All ratings for all players from Los Angeles and Seattle will be reset to 1.

Trading Michael for Nate...hum is that a positive. This is going to be a fun season. GL to you both.
Gosh, I hope that virus doesn't get inland as far as Walla Walla! Wouldn't want another team in the Zotti League affected.

Mack - looks like you need some OF help and some more team speed - how about you send me Peppers and Cuomo for Juan David?
Fortunately, Zev, I'm moving the Monarchs franchise back east.

Everyone, welcome, the Philadelphia Kings.
Zev: Like Michael, can I move the team back East to avoid the virus? How about the Punxsutawney Phils? I already like the PUN acronym my players will get.
Jeez, Mack, do you have to do everything I do?
The Saskatoon Amigos are pleased to announce today's signing of 24 mutant atomic supermen, rendering all speculation of the outcome of the 2012 season irrelevant.

(Brian Frison will still bat clean-up, however.)
Since I'm about to leave for the M's game tonight, I'll spill the beans. As most of you correctly guessed, this is just an April Fools joke.

I do think though that Michael ought to be able to get past Nate. :)
Oh, I will, Mack.

Now, how to win 125 games in the Zotti League....
I can't believe I went for that. And Mack has the evidence, damn it!

Mean people suck, SUCK I tell you!
Did you try to trade for Peppers, Nate? :)
By the way, Trevor's post absolutely cracked me up. Just felt I had to add that.
Thanks Mack. Much of the credit, though, must go to the Futurama episode I ripped off.
Maybe so, but the Frison line was the one that cracked me up. I'd keep him clean-up too.
I'm still a bit blown away that I managed to sign Frison to a seven year, $6.9-million contract in 2008.

It almost makes me forget I traded away Chad Nelligan.
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