Monday, March 03, 2008

Seattle Three-Peats

Seattle capped off a fantastic season and captured their third consecutive Cecil Cup with a 9-6 victory over River Cities.

We'll proceed to the next season on Wednesday night. Please have your final offers to your potential free agents in by then. I'll have the front page (finally!!) updated by then.

Box Log


[Performs Happy Victory Dance]
No brainer for Cup MVP this year (if we had such a thing), as David Kerry overcame his error in Game 5 by


in the deciding game of the Cecil Cup.

Hitting .400, with 4 home runs and 9 RBI qualifies him as Cup MVP in my book.
Well, I guess all that separates Mack from joining me with a Fourpeat is ... me.

Congrats Mack!

First the primary and now this!
Nate: I was all set to go into full-on rebuilding mode this offseason. Seriously, I was. All you had to do was beat Seattle.

But, since you keep leaving the door open to the ZL crown, I think I'll just fill my holes this offseason, and see if I can keep it close with you later into the season. After that, assuming my star 1B and OF don't get hurt again, I think I'll stand a better chance.
I'd like to note that my record is Cecil Cups has now evened at 3-3. You may mock Seattle no more!

Well, at least you can't mock me for continually falling short in the Cecil Cup. I admit there's plenty of other ammunition.
All Time Cecil Cup Winning Percentage:

1. Stockholm/Florida - .800 (4-1)
2. Houston - .667 (2-1)
3. Seattle - .500 (3-3)
4. River Cities - .250 (1-3)
5. (tie) Saskatoon - .000 (0-1)
(tie) California - .000 (0-1)

Mockery shall continue, Mack, don't worry.
Division Titles:

1. Seattle - 6
2. U-Haul Franchise TBA Every Year - 5
3. River Cities - 4
4. Houston - 3
5t. Saskatoon - 1
5t. California/Danville - 1
I've heard about second-order statistics, but that's a whole new level.

Are you equally proud that you've lost the Cup as many times as Nate has?
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