Thursday, March 27, 2008

2011 SDMB OOTP All World Team

The Fourth Annual SDMB OOTP All World Team is ready to be unveiled. And, it's brought to you once again by Scott Boras, agent to the stars and, more relevantly, to Christopher Moss.

(See the 2010 Team, 2009 Team, and 2008 Team.)

This year's team is marked by an unprecedented show of unanimity. Every single winner was unanimous, with the exception of catcher, where the winner was first on every ballot except one, which named him second. So, on with the show.

Catcher: Waylon Blassingame, SEA (second award)

First Base: Dong Lutz, HIK (second award)

Second Base: Timothy Palacio, RIV (second award)

Third Base: Eugene Alustiza, SEA (first award)

Shortstop: John Hukill, RIV (second award)

Left Field: Christopher Moss, WAL (second award)

Center Field: Patrick Valdes, RIV (first award)

Right Field, Brian Frison, SAS (third award)

Starting Pitcher: Chad Nelligan, SEA (third award)

Relief Pitcher: Junior Cuomo, LA (the only player to win all four years)

Congratulations to the winners!

I also feel compelled to point out again that two-time All World, three-time Slick Fielder catcher Waylon Blassingame is available in trade. Just drop me a line.
We should use this. Like every player who wins gets their salary bumped $1MM or something. That'd be wacky.
Well, I'd vote for a lot more of your players then. :)
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