Monday, March 03, 2008

2011 Awards

The 2011 Awards Are Here:

Outstanding Batter:

Adams: Dong Lutz, Hickory. -- .318/38/120/1.029 OPS
Zotti: John Hukill, River Cities -- .325/48/130/1.095 OPS/ 25 SB

Outstanding Pitcher:

Adams: Chad Nelligan, Seattle -- 28-3, 1.82, 0.94 WHIP, 213K (second consecutive award)
Zotti: Juan Villatoro, River Cities -- 20-4, 2.28, 0.96 WHIP, 216K (second consecutive award)

Outstanding Newcomer:

Adams: Thomas Geter, Houston -- .261/6/56/.676 OPS
Zotti: Chester Cohen, New York -- .296/28/93/.857 OPS

Slick Fielders:

Pitcher: Albert Garcia (SEA) -- 3rd award
Catcher: Waylon Blassingame (SEA) -- 3rd consecutive award
First Base: Reuben Caufield (DEN)
Second Base: Winston Satterlee (SAS)
Third Base: Eugene Alustiza (SEA)
Shortstop: Chet Edwards (HOU) -- 4th consecutive award
Leftfield: Josias Juarez (DEN)
Centerfield: Kenneth Philpot (HOU)
Rightfield: Hal Pires (HOU) -- 2nd consecutive award

Pitcher: Dominic Hall (COV)
Catcher: Joan Hinkel (RIV)
First Base: Russell Powell (COV) -- 3rd consecutive award
Second Base: Duane Gerhardt (LA)
Third Base: Ronald Quijada (RIV)
Shortstop: Bill Mastrangelo (DAN)
Leftfield: Franklin Jackson (DAN)
Centerfield: Richard Songer (WAL) -- 3rd consecutive award
Rightfield: Paul Shunk (LA) -- 2nd award, first at RF

Congratulations to the winners!

(Personally, I think Bill Olesen [11-5, 3.48, 1.37 WHIP] was robbed of the Adams Newcomer award.)


I'm trying to figure out Powell can win the slick fielder with 13 errors. In Cleveland we take all of the awards we can get :)
I loved him as a Monarch, but I can't figure out for the life of me how Franklin Jackson could possibly have won this award. His ratings in left field are:

Fielding %: .985
Range: 1
Arm: 1

Yes, folks, that clearly looks like a slick fielding outfielder to me.

Heck, I remember Houston telling me that he wouldn't trade for Jackson because Jackson was so atrocious in the field. Take that, Will!
Was that other Cohen - Thomas Cohen - ineligible for the newcomer award?
Will a non-starter ever win the Outstanding Pitcher award? Not to knock Villatoro's amazing season down, but Junior Cuomo is virtually unhittable as my closer.

He better get some love come All World team time, is all I'm saying.

Trevor: I don't know the rules for pitchers, but it seems like T. Cohen was a rookie this year, to me. For hitters, I believe the cut-off is 150 PA in prior season(s), which just knocked Duane Gerhardt out of the running for me this year (as well as Ricky Peppers a few years ago, when he won the Outstanding Hitter award in his first full season).
Sorry, Michael. I have to disagree with you a bit.

As great as Junior is, and he is great, if you gave me the choice between Cuomo and Villatoro, I'd take Villatoro every time. A 1.56 ERA over 109.1 innings just isn't as valuable as a 2.28 ERA over 233 innings. At least, not when the league average ERA is 4.14.
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