Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Covington (Cleveland) grabs another prospect...this time from Houston

Covington (Cleveland) has picked up Houston's #1 rated prospect, under performing SS Carlos Gomez. Carlos was overheard saying that he hated the heat in Houston and was never going to play well enough to make the big league team. After the trade he said, "I like Cleveland much better, it reminds me more of my home country of Puerto Rico." Carlos will start off in Amsterdam playing for the AA Dutch Ovens, but hopes to move up to the AAA franchise in Mexico City soon. He was the #2 overall selection back in 2007 but has never lived up under the pressure of being such a coveted pick.

Steamers GM Jeremy Goldman thinks that Gomez will shine in his new home and thinks he has the chance to be the next 30/30 man if he ever reaches the majors. "This now makes 3 Carlos' in the organization that play SS. They say good things come in threes," said the GM from his Atlanta double-wide. Jeremy also likes the $500,000 that is accompanying Gomez in the deal.

In return, the Armadillos receive SP Steve Foland from the AAA Mexico City Dirty Sanchez ball team and one of Covington's 4th round picks in next year's draft.

The Piggy is happy Mr. Gomez is gone. His whining about the daily 10k runs and Chia Luv night were beyond the pale. The Piggy has filed a missing persons report on Mr. Foland. We have not seen him. Since he has rolled with the Piggy before it is hard to believe he would get lost getting here. It must be foul play. Help in locating this lost soul would be greatly appreciated.

That is all
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