Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Los Angeles/Seattle trade

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The most illustrious franchise in the SDMB OOTP league is proud to announce a trade with the Seattle Monarchs. "We have acquired the key to winning the Cecil Cup," Los Angeles Scorpions owner/GM Michael Weintraub stated from his office at the seaside Scorpion Pit in Redondo Beach, CA.

Coming to Los Angeles is 2B Charles Novotny and Seattle's 11th round draft pick in the upcoming amateur draft. "We really wanted that draft pick," Weintraub said. "But, we're also glad Charles is back in our organization."

Sensing the confusion on this reporter's face, Weintraub explained. "Four times we've had the last pick in the draft, and three of those four years, we followed that pick with a championship. We hope to make that four-out-of-five this season.

"Some people call that pick Mr. Irrelevant, but, to us, he's Mr. Win-the-Cup-again."

After a three year drought without a championship, the team is clearly desperate for any sort of advantage in the upcoming season, this reporter believes.

Heading up the left coast are minor league CF Clarence Horta and Los Angeles's 4th round pick in the 2011 amateur draft.

Novotny returns to the Scorpions franchise after two seasons in Seattle, where he won two Cecil Cups with the Monarchs. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to perhaps start again,"Novotny announced from his home in Boise, Idaho. "I'm tired of riding the pine."

"Yes," Weintraub answered. "Charles will get a chance to start at 2B for us next season. But, we really wanted the last pick in the draft. Hopefully we won't need to trade for it next season!"

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