Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York and Walla Walla trade

Monday, July 8, 2010: New York's GM is pleased to announce the acquisition today of OF Richard Bilbrey from Walla Walla, in exchange for minor league SP Danny Andrews.

"With the season ending injury to Juan David, we needed another outfielder, and Richard fits the bill perfectly. He's got proven major league skills, with 26 home runs last year and a .590 SLG in limited playing time this year. He slots right in in left right now for us. He's just entering the prime of his career now.
"Danny Andrews is a heck of a chip to give up in return - one of the top young SP prospects in the game. But with Freddy Thomas and Josh Giddings also in our system, we were in a position of strength there. I feel this trade should meet the needs of both teams."

Heck, *I'd* have traded you someone special for Andrews!
Well, if you want to trade me Valdez, I've got other young SP prospects...
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