Monday, May 21, 2007

Round V, part 2

As it turns out, while some people gave me lists of names, they didn't specify whether they simply wanted the top available name or all available names. As such, I really can't progress past round one.

That being said, please specify who you would want in future rounds and at what point (how many players) you want me to stop.

I'll finish the draft on Thursday night. The league file has NOT been updated.

The players taken in the first round are:

Hickory: P James Turner
New York: P Morris Spellman
Brooklyn: CF Joseph Bevers
Saskatoon: 3B Philip Runge
South Bay: 3B Christian Sitton
Seattle: SS Cristobal Santoyo


I got whom I wanted, no more picks for me.
same for me.
No pix for me at all.
My 40-man was full. But you knew that.
And as a note to those who asked:

You cannot pick your own player. The software won't allow you to.

... you can, however, e-mail me to pick that player for you and then work out a trade with me.
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