Thursday, May 10, 2007

Days 10-12 Done. 13-15 on Saturday Night

Round 3 of the amateur draft on Monday night.


FWIW, Zev, and anyone else...

I'm pretty much done with free agency. The only offers I have out there are for minor league contracts.

If others are the same way, maybe we can finish free agency even faster than planned.

After all, y'know, there's honor that needs to be restored and all that.
I'm at that space, too.
I actually have a contract offer or two out there...

I have an offer outstanding too. We'll probably be able to zip through once we get to day 21 or so. That's been the practice in the past.

I do like the speedier offseason, even if it means that I have had less time to taunt Nate over actually losing a Cecil Cup to the Buffalo Bills ... I mean Seattle Monarchs. I mean really, how is it that the Earth is still spinning on its axis after such a climactic event?
Oh, I'm sure there are other teams with offers, I was just announcing that Baker, Wojcik, and Shuttleworth will just about do it for me for free agents this year.

And, while you might want this offseason to linger, Mack, some of us can't wait to start 2010.
Personally, I found the FA season went WAY too fast. I had a ton of money to spend, and couldn't get anyone of worth signed.

There's three things that probably account for that - the timing sucked for me, as I was on the road on a business trip, and on a couple of nights didn't have time to hook up my computer. Also I screwed up the first night of FA and did a team FTP instead of a FA offer FTP.

Finally, I think I'm very conservative - in the past couple of years, I would make some low ball offers to start, and then bump them up over the following days, as I tried to bargain hunt. I failed to realize that this would not work anymore...

That being said, I understand why people want it to go faster... I just think this was too fast.
FWIW, I agree with you. I'd like to tweak the FA period slightly next season. Run Day 1 alone, then let us review our initial offers and present counter offers.

I'm sort of stunned how many players signed right away this year, and that's because it was more like the infernal coach/scout signings, where there's a blind auction without any competition or real bidding. Personally, I didn't mind as I got the one player I initially bid on, but I can see how easy it is to get screwed, too.
In the past, I generally did the first few days by themselves and then going faster as the game progressed. Toward the end I'd do multiple days if nothing happened.

I figured people would like the off-season to go quicker.

If everyone wants, we can work out some form of schedule for next year.

I agree with everyone else. I got everyone I wanted, but I could have been in deep trouble after I team exported instead of offer-exported on the first day. I'd suggest something like a 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 till the end schedule next year. That said, this offseason didn't really hurt me, but it was a lot like coach signings, where I did get hurt by missing on my first 3 minor league offers.
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