Thursday, March 15, 2007

Samuel Contreras, the modern Babe Ruth

Samuel Contreras has had a heck of a year as the Monarchs closer. He's 5-2 with a 2.33 ERA and has already compiled a career-high 34 saves. He hasn't given up a run since June and, in July and August, has struck out 24 batters in just 18.2 innings. He has been everything the Monarchs expected when they signed him as a free agent this last offseason.

But, he outdid himself on 8/7/09 in a tremendous game between Seattle and Houston. The game went into extra innings in a scoreless tie. Sammy came into the game in the top of the eleventh, and pitched a scoreless inning. He then strolled up to the plate as the leadoff batter in the bottom of the frame. Seattle, having suffered three injuries just two days earlier, was playing with a shorthanded roster. Contreras took his cuts in the on deck circle, came to the plate and promptly worked a 2-1 count. He then pounced on the next pitch, a hanging curveball by Armadillo pitcher Christopher Gormley. Contreras drove it high and deep and "Out Of The Park." He rounded the bases, mobbed by delerious teammates, as fireworks lit up the sky.

Contreras is now 2 for 2 this season at the plate and sports a tidy 3.500 OPS. That's pretty good in my book. In any case, beware of Sam Contreras when he strides to the plate. FEAR him.

While his batting stats may be Ruthian, his closing skills are merely mortal compared to the amazing (and, scarily enough, even better than last year!) Junior "Good Night" Cuomo. In a bad month, he'll have a 2.33 ERA.
I wrote in a fit of frency that Contreras was the best closer in the Adams League this year. Then I looked at Pedro Morales, who Zev signed out from under me in free agency. [Shakes fist at Zev.]

I deleted that sentence. Morales hasn't blown a save all year, unlike Contreras and the much-praised Cuomo.
Um... you seem to be forgetting that before this season, he had a lifetime average of .160. :) And even if he is hitting in a Ruthian fashion, if he only gets to bat three or four times over the year, it's not so bad.

[Shakes fist at Zev.]

Ah, quit yer moaning. It's not like you're losing without him.

For what it's worth, mighty Casey ... I mean Sammy .. struck out in his only appearance in the last sim, on August 22 against Denver's Jose Abarca.

Even legends have off days. :)
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