Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sim 7: Who Uploaded?

South Bay
River Cities
New York
Walla Walla

Thanks Zev.
And the Cornfield Crusaders take over as the new Minors System Champions!

Say it with me:
Hick-o-ry in 2-0-1-3!
Y'know, Nate, it's okay to lose a game or two during the sim period. I'm on pace to break the single-season victory record (sorry Mack) and even I find a way to lose a game or two every now and then.

You might want to try that sometime. I think we'd all get along better if you did.
I detect a little nervousness there Michael...

I, however, am emboldened by my team taking a two-game lead despite having the Gimp relaxing on a 14-day vacation on a sailboat in the Caribbean. When he finally arrives and joins the roster, I expect to become unstoppable. All shall fear me.

Or something like that.
Hey, I can't see the box scores at the office but I note I'm 10-0 in my last 10. I like the sound of that. I also like that our PythRec has been outperforming South Bay by 3 games and there's still almost half the season to go.

I *like* winnning. You know, it's better than *losing*.

Of course, either of us would be runaway leaders in that...other...league.
Yes, let's talk about relegation. I'd say, if you finish with a record below .500, you deserve to be in the Adams League.

What say you?

Oh, and Mack? I'm not nervous, just a little perturbed, that's all.
Really, your records are an artifact of the lack of depth compared to the Adams League. For example, Saskatoon is a really good team and it's too bad for Trevor's sake that Pimental went down because they could have come back and won the division.
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