Friday, February 09, 2007

Mid-Season MVPs

I thought it might be interesting to see who people think the mid-season MVP and Cy Young award winners are.

In the Adams League, I think both awards are virtually locked up by the performances of Miguel Cuesta and Demarcus Ramirez.

One of the awards was obvious in the Zotti League, although Sherman Wheeler's recent injury opens the Cy Young voting up a bit. As for the MVP in the Zotti League, that seems to be a pretty close race among a number of contenders. Right now, I'd have to vote for John Redman although I think his lack of home runs and RBIs will keep him from getting the computer's award. Other leading contenders would be the fairly one-dimensional Hank Diemer, former Monarch Paulino Zamorano, Patrick "Mr. Outside" Valdez (what the heck does that nickname mean anyway?), and the star shortstops, Ricky Peppers and Sabertooth Hukill.

What do the rest of you think?

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