Friday, December 01, 2006

Spring Training - This Weekend

We're finally ready for Spring Training. The Rule V draft is done. I'll be running spring training over the weekend, probably on Saturday night.

Please make sure to send in your spring training plans and/or roster adjustments for the 2009 season.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

I'll also be emailing this post to everyone, just in case some owners don't check out the blog too often.


Well, I certainly didn't expect to sign Luna and Chaparro. They're nice depth to have in case of injury, but they had turned down my offers and I never even thought about withdrawing them.

Oh well, long live the AAA Tacoma Titans!
Gee, I guess it's just too bad the depth I have consists of top quality prospect talent on the way up, Mack. How will I ever defeat you?
Whatever. That response is almost as dumb as me taunting you by saying that you had a nice year last year but that I made it all the way to the Cecil Cup.

You don't see me bragging about having the number TWO ranked set of prospects. Wait, that's because I have the runaway BEST set of prospects. I remember now.
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