Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Early Season Oddity

I love looking at the various stats and comparing them to the past. Here are some notes that jumped out at me about the first part of the season:

- The Adams League ERA of 4.32 would be the third highest in history and is 0.31 runs above last year. The Zotti League ERA of 4.07 almost exactly matches last year's 4.09.

- The Zotti League has outhomered Adams 260-195. That follows last year's home run discrepancy of 926-824.

- The Adams BABIP of .310 would be the highest in history. The Zotti mark of .276 would be tied for second lowest. The difference last year was .298 vs. .282

- The Adams batting average of .267 would tie the highest mark of all time. There have only been three league years with lower marks than the current .250 sported by the Zotti League.

- Hitting is much better this year in both leagues. OPS has risen from .699 in the Adams League to .725 and from .708 in the Zotti League to .722.

- South Bay's fielding percentage of .975 would be the worst in history.

- Seattle has turned 15 double plays, which project out to be the fewest in history by a wide, wide margin.

You know you watch too much Battlestar Galactica when you read "Adams League" and think "Adama League, yeah, that's a good name for a league."
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