Thursday, September 21, 2006

Day 3 Done. First Signings!

Free Agency Day 3 and Amateur Draft Round 3 are done.

Players signing today are:

Seattle resigned closer Samuel Contreras to a 4 year/$4.65m deal. Contreras is 31, has excellent ratings and posted 28 saves for Walla Walla and Seattle last year.

Walla Walla brings back 34-year old 3B Bill Johnson with a 2 year/$5m deal. Johnson hit .249 with 17HR and 62 RBI.

Hurler Ronald Kirkwood, last seen in New York posting a 5-11 record has landed in Hickory with a $615k/2 year deal.

Lastly reliever William Augustin returns back to South Bay with a $2m/3 year contract.

On a minor, unrelated note: due to human error, I mistakenly gave Denver a draft pick in Round 2 that belonged to South Bay. I reversed the trade after this round, so all should be well again.

Round 4/Day 4 will be Monday night.


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