Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No sim last night...

Sorry guys, but real life got in the way. I'll try for tonight -- I have a party to go to, but perhaps when we get back.



How will I ever know if Frank Nunn retires out from under that $20MM contract he's got?

Enquiring minds want to know!
I actually think we should just petition Zev to use his super-Commissioner powers to cancel the hideous Nunn contract and free Aaron from its clutches. It's not Aaron's fault that his predecessor went slightly mad one offseason.
But, he's so good with the kids, and he remembers to feed both the dog and the cat, and occassionally the fish. Err, yeah, I would like to, uh, renegotiate that contract if that's possible. I guess I'll check that out soon.
I certainly have no issues with an exemption for that crazy contract. But I think it's likely you won't have to worry about it after Zev pushes the 'start new season' button. Nunn is cooked.
Well, we'll find out soon.

Actually, Mack has been bugging me about Nunn for a while and I was going to bring it up for discussion if he didn't retire.

A lawyer? Being human?

Oh my stars and garters.
He didn't retire.

See? I'm a nice guy. Don't all you meanies in the Zotti League now feel bad about kicking me around? No. Oh, okay.
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