Monday, August 07, 2006

Mudge's 2 Blasts Power Seattle to Game 1 Victory!

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Go Monarchs!

(This cheer expires on 1 Nov. 2008.)
I'm excited, yet apprehensive. After losing the series in 2006 with a 3-1 lead, I have to take this one game at a time. I just want to give it my best shot and, the Good Lord willing, things will work out.

I have to say though, everybody on my team did exactly what they were supposed to, for one game. Klopp walked, Mudge homered, and the pitchers did their job. I don't think the other games will go this smoothly.

Plus, that's over $750,000 in playoff revenue. So I got that going for me, which is nice.
Curse you Red Baron!

Wheeler delivers his WORST START OF THE YEAR in Game One.

1. Most walks allowed all year.
2. Tied for his shortest start since 6/22
3. Most runs allowed since 5/28
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