Sunday, August 27, 2006

I see Nunn - thing

Press Release from the Desk of the SP

Hurt by allegations that they refuse to spend money. The Armadillos made a big deal to prove critics wrong. The Dillos will be spending $20 a year on a player the could barely hit his weight. "How 'bout dem apples!" Said the Supreme Piggy. "Trading for potential is easy. Giving up a recent Rookie of the Year for an over paid has been is hard. Selling this to or fans will be difficult but the Dillos have never shied away from a challenge. " said the Price of Piggy Power. The Dillos would also like to make it clear that any other player included in the deal form Houston cries in their sleep.

That is all.



When pointed out that the Nunn deal was 20 million dollars a year and not just 20 dollars a year the assistant to the assistant to the 2nd assistant Bebe R. Schultz stepped in and claimed he knew nothing of the deal. Nothhhhing!

For once, the Piggy truly is Supreme.
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