Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who are your September promotions?

I'm going to make a few. But the big one is John Hukill, SS.

Drafted in 2005 by California I acquired him from Danville this offseason for Ernest Delamora (sorry about that).

He had decent numbers in 3 years at single-A for Cali/Danville...

2005 .257/.416/.468
2006 .288/.436/.502
2007 .336/.498/.703

This year I agressively promoted him:

A .324/.519/.613 (238 AB)
AA .270/.455/.649 (74 AB)
AAA .310/.512/.655 (116 AB)

At the end of August his ratings are:

Contact: 54
Gap: 51
Power: 60
Eye: 100

He's as ready as he's ever going to be, IMHO. Let's see what he can do with some MLB experience.

So how about you folks? Who's getting the shot this Fall?

For me, it'll be at least the following players:

Earl Bartholomew 1B -
Earl was my starting first baseman for five and a half years until Beau Manning took over there. I brought him back with a minor league contract "just in case" and planned to give him a September call-up anyway as a send-off to retirement. Well, with Guzman down with an injury, it looks like Manning will go behind the plate and Bartholomew will get to start for the next two weeks at least. Happy trails, Earl.

Willis Welliver IF -
He's my "lets keep him around in case we need him" backup. I've brought him up every September for the last five years but never ended up needing him in-season. Well, he'll get the call again this year.

Leonard Matz OF

Efren Penrose OF will get to make his major league debut.

Gene Brobst, P, if healthy.

Of course, I reserve the right to change this list as need be.
It's probably not much for me this year. Most of my high level players are playing as rookies already. I have starting pitcher Kevin Stephens on the roster. He came up to help fill in for Joe Daye and will just stay there. Outfielder Freddie Villacorta came up to fill in for an injured Willie Klopp and will stay on the roster even after Willie finishes healing. Middle reliever/swingman Josh Elders will also return to the roster. He got squeezed out when I added Deschamps and Contreras to my bullpen at the deadline.

Not a lot of young blood being added, at least, no more young blood than my four rookies Armendariz, Maclin, Machen, and Hester, all of whom are either in my starting line-up or in my starting rotation. I've also already got rookie second baseman Robert Young on the team.
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