Friday, June 16, 2006

South Bay - Hickory Trade

Hickory continues to unload veterans as the deadline approaches, this afternoon shipping All-Star right-fielder John McNabb to South Bay along with second baseman Charles Novotny. In exchange, the Huskers receive two minor-leaguers: SS Cristobal Santoyo and reliever Bill Dewall, as well as a third-round pick in the upcoming amateur draft.

Reached for comment at an undisclosed location, Huskers GM Norman Dale had little to say. "We made the deal on account of we suck," Dale repeated several times. Hickory has traded away the expiring contracts of two of its most productive veterans in less than 24 hours in an apparent effort to restock the crappiest minors system in baseball. Wait, is this an editorial? Sorry. Ahem. McNabb is hitting .307 with 54 RBI in this, the most successful of his 7 years in the majors, and his first as a full-time player. Novotny, a career minor leaguer until a May callup, is batting .264 this season. Santoyo and Dewall were each regarded as one of the top prospects in the South Bay organization.

Your team clearly hasn't used the picket fence nearly enough, Coach Dale.

Or, maybe they have been running the picket fence and that's why your team's ERA is so high despite low walks and low homeruns. It's hard to play defense when you have three players lined up on the left side of the field and another one swinging around as the pitch is thrown.

Makes Nelligan's year even more remarkable, when you think about it.
Yeah, but it's all worth it every time we turn a 5-6-4-5-6-4-5-6-4-3 double play.
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