Thursday, June 22, 2006

It had to happen sometime

I'm not too surprised this wasn't the game of the sim, but it was still a notable game. No, not because of Juan David's hit streak, but because Junior "Goodnight" Cuomo finally gave up his second earned run of the season, ending a Hershiserian 46-inning consecutive scoreless streak. That night, July 29th, his ERA doubled from 0.18 to 0.36, as he gave up his first run (earned or not) since his initial appearance way back on Opening Day.

Since then, he's on a new and modest 3.2-inning shutout streak. For the season, Cuomo is 5-0, with 21 saves (in 21 opportunities). His ERA now stands at 0.33 (two earned runs over 54 innings pitched). He also has 72 strikeouts against just six walks, with a sterling WHIP of 0.44 and an opposing batting average of .103.

I doubt he'll get considered for the Outstanding Pitcher award this season, but I doubt there's been any pitcher as dominating him in the history of our league.

You just keep celebrating your small prides, Michael. It'll keep you happy during the long cold off season.
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