Friday, May 01, 2009

Unresolved League Issues

The recent spate of injuries during spring training made me think that it might be helpful to start a post with a list of the league issues that are currently unresolved. My hope is that Zev or Michael can give us some idea of whether these issues are being considered by the hosts of the league, and if so, how and when they might be resolved.

1. Cash cap/financial issues - I started a post some time ago that generated a lot of discussion on this issue, but nothing ever came of it. Is there any interest at the commissioner level in making some changes to the financial settings of the league, and if so, to what extent?

2. Rule 5 draft - I am guessing it can't happen this year (which is somewhat disapppointing to me because Maui can use ANY talent at this point), but has the setting been changed so that it will occur next year?

3. Minor league DH - I recall there was a discussion at one point about adding a DH position to the minor league lineups, to create opportunities for other players to get playing time. I don't think this was ever changed.

4. Injury settings - Nate has asked the question of what setting is currently in place, which has never been answered to my knowledge. Assuming that it is set to "normal" or something similar, we know Mack's and Jeremy's generally differing positions on that. Is there any interest at the commissioner level in changing these, or is it a moot discussion?

That's everything I can think of right now. I'd encourage other owners to add to the list as needed.

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