Sunday, May 03, 2009

Opening Day Is Here (And A Response To Matt)

Spring Training is over and the most magical day of the season, Opening Day, is upon us.

Please make sure to have your rosters down to 25 players by Wednesday night (the first sim of the season).

As for Matt's previous post... he raises some valid questions, and perhaps there should be some more discussion on these matters. The fact is that my policy, in running this league, is that it is just as much your league as it is mine. While I do sometimes make "executive decisions" on matters, for the most part, I try to allow you guys to run the league. Anyone is free at any time to ask for a vote on a matter and, if the majority want it, it's law. I also generally try to refrain from influencing votes on said matters (except where I introduce the question) by keeping my opinion silent until a vote is required.

So, if you want a DH in the minor leagues, or to change the injury settings or the cash cap or any other setting, feel free to bring it up, discuss and ask for a vote. I won't be offended. :) It's not so much if there is support at the commissioner level... it's is there support at the owner level.

As for the Rule V draft, I'm afraid it's toast for this season. However, it is in place for next season. My apologies on the screw up.


To answer Matt, and just about everyone's question, the injury level in the game is set to "Average."

Zev and I are open to bribes to tilt it towards, for example, "Average for everyone but Mack's outfielders." :)
I don't really have an objection to average, frankly. As long as it's the same for all I couldn't care less. And I'm missing my backup catcher, and my all star second baseman and center fielder to start the season.

Sure, none of the injuries are long term but it's certainly a loss, right?
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