Thursday, May 21, 2009

May I: Who Uploaded?



Los Angeles

New York

River Cities


Walla Walla

As for the ballot issues put up, the injuries will be kept as Average, the salary cap will be kept at $10 million and the DH will be put in place throughout the minors next season.

As for the schedule, it is an issue... I noticed that the schedule for Brooklyn is similarly out of balance (Saksatoon comes to Brooklyn for 28 games while I visit the Great Northern Wasteland for only four). I've checked the OOTP forums and no one seems to have posted about this.

I'll probably create a custom schedule for next season and use that.

Lastly, I'm currently uploading updates to the league site, but they'll probably continue uploading through the night.

Next sim: Wednesday night.

Anyone else having trouble downloading the new file? I can't connect to the FTP server.
That is what I was about to write Nate. Always one step ahead of me. I am too having trouble connecting to the FTP server.
Damn Yahoo!

I'm beginning to formulate a theory.

The last time this happened, as I recall, was when I last tried to update the site with the league reports, which are a lot of files. At the request of several league members, I tried to do the same last night. I'll check when I get home, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the upload died somewhere along the way.

I'm wondring if Yahoo! blocks my account after a certain point in uploading. Since this blog (but not the comments) are hosted on Yahoo!, that would be why the comment counter is not moving up.

If so, I may have to move the league. I have several domains with GoDaddy and may move the league there.

Anyone here have any experience with using GoDaddy's web hosting?

I couldn't get the file either. Some of the web pages did update - not the players, but the league and teams ones appeared to.

20-18 is not acceptable in New York... neither is being tied with Los Angeles! I think some changes are coming, especially with a couple of prospects tearing it up in AAA.

So sorry to hear of Quijada's injury... that evens up for me having lost Cohen for about the same length of time.
For me, I have to figure out if calling up Talamantez (formally known as 'The Next in the Great Line of River Cities Pitching Stars' and demote Smith.

Tempting Tempting...
Nate, I think you can take the formarly away from Talamantez's nickname. He look like a beast, and is only 17. Therefore, I dub him just 'The Next in the Great Line of River Cities Pitching Stars' :)
This blog is closed. Last one out please turn off the lights.

Becuase of the problems with Yahoo!, I've decided to start moving the league to a new home.

The first step is moving this blog. The new blog will be hosted by Blogger, so that it will still be up and running independently of any problems with the host of the league.

The new blog is at

I have sent invites for the new blog to everyone who is currently a league member. Please accept the invite and post at the new blog.

Any comments posted to this blog after this one will not be on the new blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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