Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April II: Who uploaded?

Los Angeles
New York
River Cities

Next sim, next Wednesday.

I will put up a post about the issues raised last week in the next day or so.

You're cursed, Mack.

At least I survived Palacio's injury. He's back and my lineup is, at last, complete.
The Monarchs shall overcome this injury wave. Take away Guerrero. Take away Cedeno. Now, take away Deleon. Bring Alustiza down temporarily. We shall fight on and overcome all petty distractions!

Of course, just to be safe, I may also send an apologetic fruit basket to Zev, just to make up for whatever it was I did to him. :)
I'll just keep sticking these pins in the doll, though. Just in case.

Hey, could we get the league website updated? I can't run the game at work.
Well, I fell back to earth just like expected. Even though we did sweep NY at their house (after they took 4 from me at my house), and LA took me for 3 at home and the fans decided to stop showing up as my attendance dropped by 10K/Game.

Thomas has proved that last year was not a fluke and worth the $18M this season. Keopp is starting the season like the stud that he always wanted to be (even though he does not have the talent to be) with a 1.27 ERA and a 3-0 record in his first 5 starts. He also has a WHIP of 0.88 and a OAVG of .192. I hope he keeps it up.

All in all, it is a good month. Last season if you gave me a 13-14 month I would defiantly have taken it, and now I want above 500, and hopefully I can get it soon.
Ugh. Can't download the league file till tonight... I miss the web pages being updated.
I'm, too, unable to download the league file until tonight, or I'd generate HTML pages and upload them to my server.

Can anyone please type up the current standings?

Current Standings:

Adams League

Team W L GB
Seattle 18 9 --
Brooklyn 14 13 4
Houston 14 13 4
Hickory 13 14 5
Maui 12 15 6
Saskatoon 10 17 8

Zotti League

Team W L GB
River Cities 18 9 --
New York 15 12 3
Walla Walla 14 13 4
Cleveland 13 14 5
Los Angeles 12 15 6
Danville 9 18 9

Want anymore stats?
Thanks Jeremy.
Ooh, frustrating start for Hickory. Frustrating in that a bunch of the things I figured would be key determinants of success this year have actually turned out positively. George Labarre is finally justifying the trade that brought him to Hickory. The pitching staff, especially the rotation, is humming along and keeping us in every game. Rebuilt bullpen is pitching quite well.

But man, those two injuries killed me. Give me back Mudge - and let him give me just league average production at first base - and this'd be an interesting year for the Huskers.

If anyone is looking to trade away either a first baseman or a centerfielder, please let me know. I am willing to discuss acquiring anyone from "league average contributor" to "superstar in walk year." Let me know if there's any interest out there.
Seattle injury update:

27 games played so far:
*** 26 games without 2 starters (18-8)
*** 1 game without 3 starters (0-1)

And, I'm missing at least three starters for the next three games and at least two starters for another 50-73 games beyond that (depending on how long Deleon is out).

I'm think I'm being punished for not strenuously campaigning to lower the injury frequency.
Wait I am kinda confused here...Is 18-9 a bad record? Is leading the league by 4 games a bad thing?

Man, I was happy going 13-14 and being 5 games back with a full squad, I need some injuries to help the punnish the poor folks in Cleveland with a better record.
Punished, Mack? Really?

How about "regression to norm" or "thinning of the herd" or "commissioners will"? :)
I'm very, very happy about how the Monarchs have overcome the misfortune heaped upon our narrow, weak shoulders.

I'm not thrilled about the misfortune occurring in the first place. I was only speaking of "punished" (which may well have been poor word choice on my part) in the sense of the rash of serious injuries falling upon my team after I was the one who claimed the injury setting was too high.
Zev: Since it's been almost a week, when can we expect to hear something about the issues that have been raised?
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