Saturday, April 18, 2009

Round 3 Done

Here are the picks:

Round 3, Pick 1 - Maui Mashers: LF I. Overdevest
Round 3, Pick 2 - Cleveland Steamers: CL J. Contreras
Round 3, Pick 3 - Walla Walla Federal Duck: SS S. Bennett
Round 3, Pick 4 - Danville Dans: 3B J. Velázquez
Round 3, Pick 5 - Houston Armadillos: MR L. Young
Round 3, Pick 6 - Los Angeles Scorpions: 2B R. Martínez
Round 3, Pick 7 - Hickory Huskers: CL A. Alvarado
Round 3, Pick 8 - Saskatoon Amigos: C F. Johnson
Round 3, Pick 9 - Brooklyn Wolves: C R. Rivera
Round 3, Pick 10 - River Cities Sternwheelers: MR G. Gonzáles
Round 3, Pick 11 - New York Gothams: SS M. Rivera
Round 3, Pick 12 - Seattle Monarchs: SP C. Reed

Round 4 will be Sunday evening.

If the majority of owners are willing, I can just have the computer do the rest of the draft.  If you would prefer that option, just let me know in the comments.


Fine by me. It's a crap shoot from here on out anyway.
I'd personally prefer manual control for at least another round or two, but that's because I'm a crazy person control freak. Please feel free to over-ride me if the majority of the league prefers.
I would say if we do any more it should just be one more round, but I am good either way. Just let us know before hand so we can let our scouts set up our draft lists.
I forgot to provide my pick in the last round, so I can't object to computer selections at this point. Sounds good to me, Zev.
I'm fine with automatic (since I've been on automatic up till now).
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