Friday, May 05, 2006

We have GOT to do something about the DL

Once again I find that putting a player on the DL just doesn't pay with our schedule.

Palacio is injured. Well and good. I move him to the DL.

A sim goes by and wham, he's got one day left. But the next sim is another two weeks.

So our options are either to play shorthanded when someone is hurt (i.e. never use the DL for other than catastrophic 60-day DL occurances) or lose a player for a month.

Is there any way we can shorten the 15 day DL to 14 days in the game or something?

I don't think so. I'm fairly certain that the DL is hard-coded to 15 days. But I'll look into it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, assuming that this cannot be changed, I'm open to suggestions on how to solve the problem.

If we can't alter the DL timing then shorter sims are the only answer I can think of quickly. Maybe someone else will have an idea.
I would love to have two 7-day sims a week. That way, normal users aren't hurt, but those of us "power players" can tweak more than twice per league-month.
I'm for two sims per week too, unless it puts too much of a burden on you, Zev. I have no idea how long it takes to download everything into the game, run the sim, and export (and deal with problems as they arise), so if it's unreasonable, just say so, no big deal.
The other obvious choice would be to change from simming two weeks at a time to 15 days. The one extra day simmed wouldn't that big a switch.

I wouldn't mind more frequent sims either, but Zev probably has enough to deal with and I'd hate to add to his workload.

I can't help but feel like we discussed this before and agreed to leave it the way it was.
Another option would be to realize that we can't make moves as nimbly as GMs in real life and expand the roster to 26 or 27 people to offset the problem. That is, of course, if the games allows us to change the ML roster size.
I don't believe that the game does support that, Mack (and I also get the feeling that we did toss this subject around a couple of years ago).

A sort of hybrid possible solution would be for Zev to segment the simulation period upon special request. In this instance, Zev could sim one day of the next period to free Palacio from the DL, make the appropriate transaction, and then complete the remaining 13 days of the sim as per usual. I can't imagine that this would have to be done that frequently, but I could be wrong, and of course, I'm not qualified to speak to whether or not this would be an unreasonable burden on the commish.
Actually, Mark, your solution sounds like the best one so far. It's much easier for me to interrupt the sim temporarily than to run two sims a week.

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